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Professor Dashper Successfully Secures Grant from The Sociological Review

Professor Kate Dashper from the School of Events, Tourism, and Hospitality Management at Leeds Beckett University, has successfully secured a grant from The Sociological Review.

Kate Dashper

About the grant

The Sociological Review is an internationally recognised peer-reviewed academic journal, and each year runs an open competition, the Seminar Series, to offer scholars the chance to secure a grant. Successful applicants are offered funding to run a single seminar, or a series of up to three seminars, which intends to provide winners with the benefit of a collaboration with The Sociological Review.

This year (2023), Professor Kate Dashper is one of three successful teams to secure funding following her application which was done in collaboration with Dr Helen Wadham at Manchester Metropolitan University and Dr Carlos Monterrubio at Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México. Following a competitive selection process, their submission which was titled ‘Interspecies perspectives on decent work: Inequalities and new solidarities in work between people and equids’ was described as ‘original’ and ‘timely’.

Using the funding, Professor Kate Dashper plans to lead two online international seminars aimed at scholars and practitioners, which will include regular panel sessions and PhD panel sessions. The seminars will relate to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal SDG8 – economic growth and decent work. As part of this, Professor Kate Dashper will address the topic of animal labour with and for humans. The aim is to build on the growing animal turn in sociology to reconceptualise work as an interspecies endeavour, through a focus on shared labour with horses, donkeys and mules.

Professor Kate Dashper commented on her success:

“We are excited to organise these events where we can bring together scholars and practitioners from around the world to discuss the important issues associated with work between people and equids. The support of The Sociological Review means we can ensure these events are diverse and inclusive.

“We look forward to working with a visual artist to bring the discussions to life and to then prompt further debate around how we can try and ensure decent work for horses, donkeys and mules, and the people who work alongside them.”

Find out more

To find out more about The Sociological Review and inquire about the seminars led by Professor Kate Dashper, please visit The Sociological Review.

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