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Getting your Research Heard: Ways to Engage with UK Parliament

This blog outlines the key methods and channels for engaging with UK Parliament.


Mental Health Awareness Week 2019: Important steps have been made, but continue to be warranted

The prevalence of mental health concerns has continued to rise in the UK. This increased prevalence may reflect improved methods of identification by individuals, healthcare professionals and organisations and/or that the incidence of mental health concerns are rising.

Stuart Flint Dr Stuart Flint
Leeds Beckett University Chris McEwan
Get Healthy

Get Healthy, Get Active: A successful physical activity intervention for inactive community-dwelling older adults?

Globally, less than 12% of older adults (≥65 years) are physically active daily and over 60% spend more than ten hours per day engaged in sedentary behaviour.

Abigail Heywood

BASES Student Conference 2019

As my first experience of a professional conference I had no pre-conceptions or expectations, however I was excited to begin networking with passionate students and experts alike.

Leeds Beckett University Abigail Heywood
Children playing

WHO report: a new take on 'freedom of movement'

In these BREXIT days, the new WHO report provides a new, scientific, take on ‘freedom of movement’. WHO confirm that more young children need to be made ‘free’ to move every day.

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European Respiratory Society International Fellowship

Dr. Oliver Price - Senior Lecturer in Exercise Physiology - has been awarded a fully-funded International Research Fellowship by the European Respiratory Society (ERS.)

Leeds Beckett University School News

LBU supports Partnership for Clean Competition

Next week (April 16-18), stakeholders from across the global anti-doping system will come together in London to participate in the fifth Partnership for Clean Competition (PCC) Conference.

Leeds Beckett University School News

The Battle Royale for eSports Broadcasting is ON

“Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be in your favour”. This iconic quote from the blockbuster Hunger Games links to what I am seeing in relation to the upcoming battle for dominance of eSports broadcasting. As in Hunger Games and the famous Battle Royale gaming format, just one can survive.

Dr Watson


As debates regarding transgender athletes continue apace this week it is clear that multiple gender inequalities in sport persist.

Annamarie Phelps

Why is it that is 2019 we are still talking about gender balance across sport

We all know we need to recruit people on a skills basis and provide the diversity of thought and appropriate challenge to help sporting organisations innovate and stay ahead of the pack.


Annamarie Phelps Annamarie Phelps CBE
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