Che John, Course Director

Che John

Course Director

Che's practice and research interests engage with the notions of visual culture, software literacy, game studies and the uses of digitally mediated communication technologies.

Che's career as a games developer and creative within digital interactive technologies covers the early 80’s home computer industry, time based media and re-active art installations to the development of terrestrial and satellite digital Interactive TV services for broadcasters that include Sky and the BBC.

His interest in moving image, digital media and live video performance has seen his work performed/exhibited internationally at events such as the Big Chill, ICA (Playlouder), Bestival, Ministry of Sound (Asia tour), Creamfields, Exit Festival as well as residencies and exhibitions in and around London/Europe.

He has been involved in several high profile digital media projects/commissions, and worked a creative consultant for various events; recently, technical design & production of a HD live event for the international launch of LG’s Scarlet TV and in 2007.

Notable recent work would include ‘Frictions of Distance’ at the Iniva Gallery, featured on the BBC’s flagship Digital Technology programme Click (Digital Planet) and performing and running/developing workshops for ‘Industrial Resolution’, as part of the Manchester International (MIF) Festival.

Research Interests

Play & digital games as tools for practitioners in teenager cancer rehabilitation and post treatment.

Leeds Beckett Media & Place Conference - Paper: Frictions of Distance: Re-framing global identity & learning through play and networked media space.

John, C. G. DFF. Channel 4.0 GEEKS. Commissioned cross-platform interactive game and IPTV service.

John, C.G. Hawley, S. Paper Opera, Augmented Reality project collaboration with Manchester School of Art & Royal Opera House.

John, C.G. Chollet, P. Frictions of Distance (liminal Exhibition, Iniva. Rivington Place. London)
Interactive installation linking London (Iniva) & Cambodia (French Cultural Center) via sensor based technologies and social software (Twitter) developed in Processing.


  • John, C.G/Stream Media. Who is Scarlet? LG Electronics corporate Launch Event (Pacific Design Center, Hollywood, Los Angeles CA & No1. Marylebone, London) Creative consultancy & high definition media production and design.
  • John, C. G. Urban Waves corporate event. World Tour Launch event in association with God’s Kitchen.
  • Video production and technical and creative consultancy.


  • John, C. G. Industrial Resolution, Manchester International Festival, Manchester Central (formally G-Mex centre) Visual arts installation :design for & displaying on the world's largest high-res digital screen. 10 main themes/subplots all centred on global/historical/cultural issues.
  • John, C. G. PlayStation Season, Sony PlayStation UK/Manchester International Festival 1 Day Presentation and workshop on the art of live performance, content production and Vjing delivered at the 3Rooms – Manchester Central.
  • Cryer, C., Haeffner, N., John, C. G., Lane, Raybould, D., C., Robinson, A.,Spiropoulou, S., Stephens, S. Re-Possessed, Watermans Art Centre, London.


Cryer, C., Haeffner, N., John, C. G., Lane, Raybould, D., C., Robinson, A.,Spiropoulou, S., Stephens, S. Re-Possessed, Leeds Metropolitan University Art Gallery, Leeds. Moschini, E. Benco, E. Corrigan, V. John, C. G. ESCalate “The Secrets of Biblioland” development, of an educational interactive game. Funded by ESCalate.

Che John, Course Director