Dr Alan Dunn, Reader

Dr Alan Dunn


Dr Alan Dunn is a Reader in Art & Design and Research Student Co-ordinator and has been with Leeds Beckett University since 2008. He currently teaches on undergrad Fine Art and supervises practice-based PhDs.

Alan studied at Glasgow School of Art and School of the Art Institute of Chicago. His research explores new models for curating content for non-gallery audiences and his PhD considered the relationship between sound art and the everyday. 

Alan (b. 1967, Glasgow) was curator of The Bellgrove Station Billboard Project (Glasgow 1990-91), lead artist on the tenantspin project (FACT, Liverpool 2001-7) and completed his PhD at Leeds Beckett University on sound art based on the 10xCD opus 'The sounds of ideas forming.' He has developed collaborations with The Big Issue, Shelter, Great North Run, Channel 4, BBC Radio and MIT Press; he runs the cantaudio sound art label and has published/curated numerous zines including ZERO PLAN, TATA and TOP TEN.

Through these projects, Alan has developed collaborative content with Bill Drummond, Douglas Gordon, Yoko Ono, Bikini Kill, Philip Jeck, redmentv, Pauline Oliveros, Einsturzende Neubauten and Brian Eno. He currently lives and works in Liverpool City Region. In 2012 he was short-listed for the Liverpool Art Prize and has been the joint arts editor of the online journal Stimulus Respond, Board Member of East Street Arts (2016-20) and basementartsproject (2021-date) in Leeds and is co-founder of Alternator Studio in Birkenhead.

Current Teaching

  • BA (Hons) Fine Art

Research Interests

Alan has been developing experimental sound workshops in dementia care homes and is lead Investigator on the AHRC-funded project considering sound, increased care for our oceans and the short stories of Malcolm Lowry in relation to the Isle of Man. The ‘Where the Arts Belong’ research project between Bluecoat and Belong examined the impact of contemporary art, including sound, within dementia care home settings, including during Covid. The project has won national awards, including the Markel Third Sector Care Award (2022) and has been presented at exhibitions in Liverpool and Chester.

Dr Alan Dunn, Reader

Ask Me About

  1. Art
  2. Covid-19
  3. Dementia
  4. Literature
  5. Sound
  6. Speech and Language Therapy

Selected Outputs

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