Dr Anna Kawalek, Senior Lecturer

Dr Anna Kawalek

Senior Lecturer

Dr Anna Kawalek Kawalek is a Senior Lecturer in Law from Leeds Beckett University. Her research specialises in justice innovation, therapeutic jurisprudence, and criminal justice. She primarily teaches and leads Public Law, and teaches Criminal Law.

As part of her research profile, Dr Anna Kawalek Kawalek is the co-founder and co-chair of the UK Chapter for Therapeutic Jurisprudence. She is also Trustee and a member of the Advisory Board for the International Society of Therapeutic Jurisprudence. Both these roles involve being at the forefront of international and national decision making and discussions in the area. A link to the UK TJ chapter is below, welcoming new members and volunteers: TJUK.org

Anna's academic career began at Sheffield Hallam University in 2015, where she was first appointed as an Associate Lecturer and Doctoral Researcher, then latterly a Law and Criminology Lecturer. After completing her PhD in 2017, Anna was more recently appointed as a Law Lecturer at Leeds Beckett Law School in 2018. She was appointed to focus on her research outputs and to develop of the teaching and learning on the LLB and GDL programmes.

Current Teaching

  • Public Law (module leader)
  • Criminal Law

Research Interests

Dr Kawalek's research interests centre around problem-solving courts, justice innovation, and therapeutic jurisprudence. She is currently developing her publications in this area and has written a book on problem-solving courts in England and Wales.

Anna is also an expert in empirical methods, and has a professional qualification in this area. She is particularly fascinated by epistemological enquiry and its translation into empirical methodology.

As a socio-legal researcher, Anna is currently seeking to supervise PhD students interested interested in the aforementioned topics.

Dr Anna Kawalek, Senior Lecturer

Ask Me About

  1. Crime
  2. Justice
  3. Law

Selected Outputs

  • Kawalek A; Edwards M; Best D (2018) Recovery and Restorative Justice: Systems for Generating Social Justice. In: Gavrielides T ed. Routledge International Handbook of Restorative Justice. Routledge International, Francis and Taylor: Routledge International Handbooks, pp. 87-103.

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  • Phillips J; Kawalek A; Greenslade A-M (2020) An evaluation of the Choices and Consequences and Prolific Intensive programmes in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire [Online].

  • (2022) Modern Slavery Survivor Pathways: A Critique of UK Policy, Legislation and Practice.

  • (2022) Autism and Understanding Social Romantic Boundaries- Is it different for women?.

  • KAWALEK AG (2022) Problem-Solving Courts, Criminal Justice, and the International Gold Standard Reframing the English and Welsh Drug Courts. Routledge.

  • KawaƂek AG (2021) Problem-Solving Courts, Criminal Justice, and the International Gold Standard Reframing the English and Welsh Drug Courts. Routledge.