Dr Geoff Seavers, Senior Lecturer

Dr Geoff Seavers

Senior Lecturer

Dr Geoff Seavers is a Senior Lecturer in human geography in the School of Built Environment and Engineering at Leeds Beckett University. He works part-time and teaches into number of human geography, human geography and planning and landscape architecture modules at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Geoff's current teaching focuses mainly on specialist IT packages - including Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Photoshop, Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) and Computer Aided Design (AutoCAD).

Current concerns in teaching and learning are mainly centred around effective student engagement, meaningful feedback/feed forward and student experience related in particular to perceived value for money. In the areas that Geoff teaches, this is particularly pertinent since many of the geography students find working with complex software packages challenging.

Prior to his work at Leeds Beckett Geoff was a project manager in weed ecology and weed/crop competition research in the Agroecology Group based in the Crop and Environmental Sciences Department, IACR-Long Ashton Research Station, Bristol. His work was to plan, manage, sample, process and analyse the experiments and then present the findings to various stakeholders such as MAFF (now DEFRA), Commercial Agrochemical Partners, HGCA and the farming community.

Research Interests

Geoff's current research interests include looking at ways in which students with learning needs can be supported during their university careers. Geoff is working on expanding this area at the present time with other collaborators. He has also recently found some unpublished data from research completed at Long Ashton and is working on submitting some papers based on this work.

Dr Geoff Seavers, Senior Lecturer