Dr Mark Judge, Senior Lecturer

Dr Mark Judge

Senior Lecturer

Dr Mark Judge is a Senior Lecturer in Robotics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Electronics. He holds degrees in electronics, computer science, and AI. Mark also has qualifications in Microsoft Server administration and Cisco networking. His research interests are in the areas of AI, Robotics and all forms of Intelligent Systems.

Working with Professors Maria Fox and Derek Long (now King's College London), Dr Judge completed a PhD in Artificial Intelligence (using Constraint Satisfaction techniques).

Mark then moved to the University of Sheffield (Sheffield Robotics) to work with Professor Sandor Veres, contributing to EPSRC projects EP/J011843/2 (Reconfigurable Autonomy) and EP/J011894/2 (Distributed Sensing, Control and Decision Making in Multiagent Autonomous Systems).

Working with an interdisciplinary group in the engineering faculty at the University of Sheffield, Dr Judge contributed to the setting up of the university's £87 million specialist engineering laboratory facility known as The Diamond. He led the EEE laboratory provision, including successfully developing innovative laboratory sessions for cohorts of up to 144 students using specialist, state of the art equipment supplied by companies such as National Instruments (NI) and Keysight Technologies.

Additionally, whilst at the University of Sheffield, Mark pioneered Wednesday afternoon "Maker" research sessions for undergraduates. These well-attended sessions combined accessible talks from leading robotics researchers with the ideas behind the Maker movement, using technologies such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi, NI MyRio, and Tetrix Prime robotics systems.

Collaboration with international companies, such as National Instruments, allowed Mark's summer student projects to be sponsored, which in turn enabled students to gain invaluable experience on leading edge equipment.

In 2016, Dr Judge was invited to join Leeds Beckett University in order to further develop the new BEng / MEng degrees in Robotics and Automation. As Course Leader, Mark has designed a range of exciting new modules, all of which include interactive, research-led, problem based learning projects. To date, there has been a significant year on year increase in the number of students registering for these programmes.

Dr Judge’s wider academic responsibilities include serving as a reviewer for many international journals, and working with professional bodies, such as The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), and The British Computer Society (BCS). Mark also develops academic programmes for, and teaches at, The University of Derby and The University of London.

In addition to his academic career, Dr Judge has worked extensively with, and in, industry. He is keen to pursue further research, consulting and enterprise projects in both the private and public sectors.

Current Teaching

Dr Judge is the Course Leader for both the BEng and MEng degrees in Robotics and Automation.

Since 2016, he has developed, is module leader for, and is the sole lecturer on the following full modules:

  • Computers in Engineering
  • Engineering (Robot) Design Project 1
  • Operating Systems for Robotics
  • Engineering (Adv Robot) Design Project 2
  • Robotics & Automation
  • Intelligent Systems (MEng / MSc)

Dr Judge supervises a full range of undergraduate and Master's level final-year projects. He also currently provides supervision for a number of PhD students, and is available to supervise suitably qualified doctoral candidates.

Research Interests

As well as carrying out research in the areas of artificial intelligence (AI) and Constraint Satisfaction Programming (CSP), Dr Judge has worked, and published, in the areas of Reconfigurable Autonomy, and Distributed Sensing, Control and Decision Making in Multi-agent Autonomous Systems.

Dr Judge's current research interests are in AI, autonomous mobile robotics, and electronics. He is also working on a project to apply AI and related technologies to general health and physical & mental wellbeing, with this being pursued via a medical technology innovation programme.

Dr Mark Judge, Senior Lecturer

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Selected Outputs

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