Dr Rachel Rich, Reader

Dr Rachel Rich


Rachel Rich got her BA in history from McGill University in Canada, before moving to the UK where she studied for an MA and PhD at the University of Essex. Rachel taught at the University of Manchester and Aberystwyth University before coming to Leeds Beckett University in 2010. Rachel’s teaching and research interests are in the cultural history of modern Europe, as well as in the history of food and eating habits. She is a member of the editorial boards of Women’s History, and Food & History, and sits on the steering committee of the Women’s History Network.

Rachel has published in the history of food and eating, including a Manchester University Press monograph Bourgeois Consumption: Food, Space and Identity in London and Paris, 1850-1914 (2011). Recently, she has turned her attention to the history of timekeeping practices in modern Europe, looking at clock ownership, women’s diaries, and cookbooks for what they can tell us about how people thought about and organized their time. Her most recent publication in this area appeared in Cultural and Social History in 2015.

Dr Rachel Rich, Reader

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