Dr Tara Sabir, Senior Lecturer

Dr Tara Sabir

Senior Lecturer

Dr Tara Sabir is a Senior Lecturer teaching Biochemistry on the Biomedical Sciences BSc course in the Faculty of Health & Social Sciences. She has a background in biochemistry and biophysics specifically in the field of single molecule fluorescence nanotechnology.

Following on from her PhD Tara spent a number of years working for small commercial spin-off companies offering DNA/RNA and protein characterisation services to industry before returning to academia as a postdoctoral research associate at the Photon Science Institute, University of Manchester. During her postdoctoral research she used multi-parameter fluorescence detection (MFD) microscopy at the single molecule level to investigate the 3-D global structure of 4-stranded fork structures (4-SF) of E.coli.

Tara continues to work in the field of single molecule photonics and currently works on collaborative research projects with the University of Leeds Single Molecules Facility and the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice.

Current students:

  • Mr Alexander Smith - Single molecule TCSPC/ FRET/Fluorescence/ instrumentation development/dual excitation/software development/Dengue Virus/Covid-19/Zika

Previous Students:

  • Dr. Joel Crossley - Single molecule TCSPC/ FRET/Fluorescence/ instrumentation development/software development/Dengue Virus - current on going collaborative projects in progress

Current Teaching

  • L4 Biochemistry
  • L5 Professional Scientific Practice
  • L5 Protocol Project Supervision
  • L6 Project Supervision
  • L7 Metabolic Biochemistry
  • L7 Professional Development

Research Interests

  • Single molecule photonics/FRET/Lifetimes/Optics
  • Molecular dynamics & structure of small molecules
  • Optical instrumentation development
  • Dengue/Zika/COVID-19

Dr Tara Sabir, Senior Lecturer

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  1. Biomedical Sciences

Selected Outputs

  • Toulmin A; Baltierra-Jasso LE; Morten MJ; Sabir T; McGlynn P; Schröder GF; Smith BO; Magennis SW (2017) Conformational Heterogeneity in a Fully Complementary DNA Three-Way Junction with a GC-Rich Branchpoint. Biochemistry, 56 (37), pp. 4985-4991.


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  • Sabir T; Toulmin A; Ma L; Jones AC; McGlynn P; Schröder GF; Magennis SW (2012) Branchpoint expansion in a fully complementary three-way DNA junction. Journal of the American Chemical Society


  • Sabir T; Schröder GF; Toulmin A; McGlynn P; Magennis SW (2011) Global structure of forked DNA in solution revealed by high-resolution single-molecule FRET. Journal of the American Chemical Society


  • Fessl T; Crossley JA; Watkins D; Scholz M; Watson MA; Sabir T; Radford SE; Collinson I; Tuma R (2021) Dynamics of Membrane Monitored by Single-Molecule Fluorescence Across Multiple Timescales. In: Methods in Molecular Biology. Springer US, pp. 273-297.