Judith Dahlgreen, Lecturer

Judith Dahlgreen


Judith Dahlgreen practised law in England and Scotland in private practice and industry before becoming an academic. Her areas of expertise are banking and financial services law, the regulation of financial services, company law, insolvency law and the UN Convention on Corruption. She has also been involved in community law clinics in Leeds primarily in relation to personal insolvency and employment law.

Judith is currently researching the UN Convention on Corruption and the impact of law and regulation in the UK to curtail the use of UK authorised firms to facilitate corruption and money laundering. The research also covers the UK's relationship with financial services firms in the Cayman Islands.

Research Interests

Judith Dahlgreen's current research interests are the impact of international Treaty obligations on the facilitation of corruption in UK financial services institutions and the relationships between the UK and specific offshore financial services jurisdictions. The research impacts safety, security and social justice because just societies are hindered by corruption and corruption is facilitated by cross border payment and investment mechanisms. Effective law and regulation enhances social justice.

Judith Dahlgreen, Lecturer