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Laurence Morris

Laurence Morris
Contact Details

Academic Librarian

Libraries And Learning Innovation

0113 81 21102

About Laurence Morris

Laurence Morris is an Academic Librarian at Leeds Beckett University.

Laurence’s role at Leeds Beckett is to assist students and researchers in accessing and applying information and skills tuition in their studies. He is a Chartered Librarian, a Senior Fellow of Advance HE and a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. Before joining Leeds Beckett he worked in information provision for the Ministry of Defence, completing various US-based library programmes. 

Research Interests

Laurence’s primary professional interest dates from his time working with online reading list systems: connecting individuals to relevant information more effectively, with a discernible end result. His more recent work in academic skills development relates to the human aspects of this challenge.

Selected Publications

Journal articles (5)

Conference contributions (7)

  • Turner KE; Morris L (2019) Peer-reviewed Library Teaching: Reflections, Background and Practicalities University of Nottingham, Nottingham .
    View Repository Record
  • Morris L; Bower K (2018) Becoming essential to Information Literacy, or: "What does embedded even mean?" University of Liverpool 04/04/2018.
  • Morris L (2017) Search, refine, evaluate: Teaching students using only 3 words Olympia London 17/10/2017.
    View Repository Record
  • Wilson JL; Morris L (2016) Using digital literacy and employability to engage staff Liverpool John Moores University 16/11/2016.
    View Repository Record
  • Morris L; Wilson JL (2016) Developing digital literacy skills in professional and academic staff Brighton 12/07/2016.
    View Repository Record
  • Morris L; Windle E (2015) Module resource lists: Using a puzzle to solve a puzzle Leeds Beckett University 10/09/2015.
    View Repository Record
  • Cope EC; Morris L (2014) Rebus:list at Leeds Beckett: customisation and co-operation London, UK .
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Internet publications (2)

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