Mark Wilson, Head of Subject

Mark Wilson

Head of Subject

Mark is the Head of Subject for Surveying, Construction and Project Management which delivers a varied range of technical courses. He is a chartered building surveyor with over 20 years experience in the industry and he is still active in consultancy work for local companies, specialising in timber and damp investigations.

Mark is a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and is currently a board member for the Yorkshire and Humber Region. He is active in the local group and has close links to the Matrics which is a group of the RICS dedicated to younger members and students. He has worked in the profession for over 25 years on many different projects and roles delivering major refurbishment projects and new build leisure centres to managing a property management team for a local authority and uses this experience to enhance his teaching delivery by punctuating the theoretical perspectives with real life examples.

Mark has a passion for building pathology and enjoys nothing more than investigation damp problems to provide the most effective solutions. He has an keen interest in teaching collaboratively and has written papers on the subject and where possible he delivers the techniques in his teaching. His direction for the group is to encourage the group to work towards project based learning to further enhance the student experience and provide them with a platform to develop employability skills.

Current Teaching

  • Building Pathology
  • Inter Professional Studies
  • Dissertation tutor

Research Interests

Currently Mark is undertaking a PhD in decorative suspended fibrous plaster ceilings which concentrates on failure mechanisms within the plaster work and possible solutions. He also has an interest in collaborative learning and how it can be used effectively in professional based courses. He is also active in researching methods of collaborative learning within the built environment, and is looking for way to make its delivery more effective and enhance student's life skills.

Mark Wilson, Head of Subject

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