Students studying Computer Science, Data Science, Cyber Security and Digital Forensics and Electronic Engineering were given the opportunity to talk through their outstanding work at a student showcase event, attended by employers and university staff.

The afternoon began with an opening talk from Professor Akintola Akintoye, Dean of the School of Built Environment, Engineering and Computing. This was followed by the students showcasing their work and discussing their innovative projects with the guests.

The majority of the students were in their final year of studying, so the event provided a valuable opportunity to network and connect with potential future employers.

Paul Doney, Head of Subject for Computing said “I am always in awe of the creativity of our students and time and commitment they apply to their end of year projects.  This year was no exception.

“The event has once again given students the opportunity to develop valuable new skills at the same time as deepening and broadening the School links with industry partners and sewing seeds for on-going relationships.”

The students demonstrated work on various projects across computing and engineering. Here are a select few:

Aleena Roomani, final year BSc (Hons) Computer Science: “I’ve made a delivery robot which can deliver your parcels without any humans. My supervisor told me to do something which contributes to the future, so that’s why I chose this project.

“Today has been a completely different experience. It’s a very proud moment for me.”

Student Aleena sat smiling next to her project work

Aleena Roomani

Jennifer Abraham, MSc Data Science: “Today I’m showcasing my dissertation which was about designing a database system for our sports school, that could help them compare their athletes. It was a real project with an actual client and I really enjoyed the whole process.

“I was so happy to be nominated to showcase my work, it shows my work is valued. The opportunity to meet employers has been great.”

Student Jennifer smiling stood next to her work

Jennifer Abraham

Enoch Foakye, final year BSc (Hons) Computer Forensics and Security (now BSc (Hons) Cyber Security and Digital Forensics): “I have created a mobile app which stores and encrypts credit or debit card details locally on the device. The project has given me the responsibility to problem solve on my own accord. Fortunately enough, I was picked to be one of the people here today to demonstrate what I’ve done.”

Student Enoch stood smiling next to his work at a student showcase event

Enoch Foakye

Tom Sawcuk, PhD in Computer Science: “My PhD was mainly based around trying to understand how we could value player and team performances in rugby league using match data.

“It’s been a really interesting experience today to have people from different backgrounds suggesting other methods. Hopefully, there’s a chance of something further coming from it if the right role is around.”

Student Tom stood smiling next to his work

Tom Sawcuk

Pradosh Kumar Soupramany, final year BEng (Hons) Robotics and Automation: “We have worked on a checkers-playing robot, which plays autonomously. We had a lot of trial and error and we got to learn a lot of new methods. I am planning to do a master’s in Robotics as well.”

Three students stood next to their work at a student showcase event

Pradosh Kumar Soupramany (left) and two fellow students

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