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Your guide to waste and recycling on campus

When you recycle your waste on campus you can be sure that it will be turned into something useful, with 100% of our waste being diverted from landfill.

The University works closely with our recycling partners to ensure that the different types of waste are handled correctly to reduce our carbon and methane emissions which contribute to global warming. Based on figures from January to July 2021 we have recycled 48.6% of our waste and used 51.6% to create energy.

How can I help?

Our recycling is much more effective when it’s separated at source. That means taking a couple of moments each time your throw something away, just to check it’s going into the right bin.

On corridors you will find bins for:

  • Dry mixed recycling - This is sorted, and all recyclable materials are removed for processing, enabling them to be turned into new products. Any non-recyclable waste that finds its way in is also filtered out and used to produce fuel which is burned in place of hydrocarbons to generate energy.
  • General waste - This is sorted, shredded, dried and baled to create fuel that is burned to produce electricity.

In our food outlets you will find bins for:

  • Food waste - Anaerobic digestion converts food waste into nutrient-rich biofertiliser and renewable energy.
  • Dry coffee cups - The plastic lining is separated from dry coffee cups so they can be turned into new products from the material created.

View the handy guide to see what goes into each bin and if you are still unsure about any items then get in touch with:

How can I reduce my environmental impact on campus?

Reducing our impact on the environment is a team effort and we all play our part. Here are our top 5 ways to stay sustainable on campus:

1. Separate your waste into the correct bins – view the handy guide to what can and can’t be recycled and take care not to contaminate the dry mixed recycling bins with general waste. As a general rule, anything that is made of two or more materials can’t be recycled such as sandwich packets, pens or aerosols.

2. Ask for a reusable coffee cup – You can opt for a porcelain mug, rather than a disposable coffee cup, in most University coffee shops or buy a reusable coffee cup from £5.50 which includes your first hot drink for free, plus you will also get 20p off every time you use it. If you do use a disposable coffee cup bring it back to the outlet that you purchased it from, they will have specialist coffee cup recycling bins that you can use. 

3. Re-use old items – Before you throw anything out check to see if somebody else could make use of it. You will often find someone else will want what you don’t, put it on freecycle or sell it via eBay or Gumtree.

4. Bike hireDid you know you can hire a bike to get around while you're at Leeds Beckett? Bike hire contracts are for up to three months at a time, and costs just £50 for the first hire period (plus a refundable deposit). Maintaining your hire bike is easy too – just book an appointment at the workshop on Headingley Campus or Bike Hub near City Campus.

5. Pick up a jar of Beckett Honey – Did you know we make our own honey on-site? The bees at Headingley Campus have been busy pollinating flowers and producing honey that you can pick up from any of our coffee or campus shops. It also makes a great gift for the Pooh Bears in your life.

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01 Jun 2022
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