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Waste & Recycling

Plus Icon Dry Mixed recycling
At Leeds Beckett University all Dry Mixed Recycling bins have clear bin liners.
 The following items should go in the Dry Mixed Recycling bins:



Drink cans and food tins (please rinse)
Dry cardboard
 Plastic bottles  
Plastic bottles (please rinse)
Office paper, newspaper,envelopes
Plus Icon General Waste

At Leeds Beckett University all General Waste bins have black bin liners. 

Food waste is should be placed in General Waste bins where there isn’t an allocated food waste bin available.

Coffee cups should be recycled as general waste where no coffee cup recycling bin is available

The following items should go in the General Waste bins: 

Crisp and sweet packets


Sandwich packets

Used tissues

Food packaging


Cling Film

Hard plastics

Plastic bags

Hard plastics

Laminated sheets

Used pizza boxes

Photographic paper


Pens and pencils

Instant hot drinks sachets

Plastic bags

Plus Icon Food Waste
The following items should go in the Food Waste bins:
  • Food Waste
  • Tea and coffee grounds
Plus Icon Furniture

FurnitureIf you have furniture that you no longer need please contact the Estates Help Desk on 0113 812 8664 

The furniture will then be assessed and will either:

  • be re-used by the University or
  • auctioned or refurbished on our behalf via an external company called over2hills
Plus Icon CDs and DVDs
These are treated in the same way as confidential waste. Please contact the CARES Help desk  on 0113 812 8585 to request a green bag. Once the bag is full you will need to contact CARES to book in a porter request to collect it.
Plus Icon Mobile Phones
Where possible mobile phone handsets are reused.
If a staff member leaves but the role still exists then the device should be handed in/collected by the faculty/department and re-issued to the new role holder.


If a contract is cancelled then the faculty/department can either choose to reuse the handset or send it to IT Procurement, G13 The Grange, Headingley Campus, Leeds LS6 3QX, for recycling.

If a staff member upgrades their handset, then the old handset should be collected in by the IT Service Support team when they roll-out the upgraded device. The handset should be reset and all data wiped. If it is functional and in reasonable order it may be retained for use as short term loan device for colleagues who have damaged or lost their handset or if their handset has been stolen until a replacement is purchased by their Faculty/department.

Any device that is not functional will be recycled through our IT recycling company.

If you have any questions please get in touch.

Plus Icon Printer Cartridges
Printer CartridgesTo recycle printer or toner cartridges please contact the CARES Helpdesk on 0113 812 8585 to book a porter request. Used cartridges should be placed in a box ready for collection - please reuse the box from the new cartridge. The porters will then collect and take the cartridge(s) to a central location for collection by an authorised recycling company.
Plus Icon Batteries
batteries.The following types of batteries can be recycled in labelled bins at the AV Loans desks in the James Graham Library, Headingley and Sheila Silver Library, City Campus:

• AA batteries
• AAA batteries
• Mobile phone batteries
• Laptop batteries

This Waste & Recycling page will help you find the best way to dispose of different types of waste on campus and in your accommodation.

Recycling has the following positive impacts:

  • Environmentally - By diverting the amount of waste to landfill we can reduce carbon and methane emissions.
  • Socially - The number of products with recycled content, such as pens, paper and even building materials such as plasterboard and bricks, are increasing and helping to create more jobs.
  • Financially -  A 240 litre wheelie bin of recycling on campus costs £1.39 to remove but each general waste bin costs £2.13 a saving of 35%.
Our University employs a 'zero waste to landfill' contract which means that all our waste is either:
  • recovered
  • recycled
  • incinerated to create energy from waste
To help you choose the correct bin for your recycling and rubbish on campus please refer to the guide below.

Recycling facilities are provided at our halls of residence, make sure you use them correctly!

If you live in other accommodation, don't forget to recycle your rubbish and use the right bins for your waste. You'll need to remember when your collection days are and put your bin in the appropriate place. The Leeds City Council website has information on bin collection days, what to put in the bin and other useful tips.

Leeds City Council Recycling sites are located across the city to help all residents, including students, recycle their household waste. You can take your glass bottles to the bottlebank, recycle paper and cardboard and much more. At the Seacroft site you can even pick up a bargain at the Revive Leeds shop which sells furniture, electrical goods, clothes, books and household items.

The University generates other types of waste which require specialist disposal, for example hazardous and electrical waste. Leeds Beckett staff can visit the Waste and Recycling staff pages for information on arranging specialist disposal of waste.

This page was last modified: 03/06/2021

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