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How studying Computer Science helped my career

Hi, my name is William Durcan, and I've just completed my Master of Engineering Qualification (MEng) with a Distinction. My interests are PC gaming, listening to music, watching films, exercising and socialising with friends and family. 

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I've recently started my new job as a 'Junior DevOps Engineer.' DevOps is a set of practices that combines software development and IT operations. As a DevOps engineer, I get valuable insights into both the development (programming, testing, etc) and the operational sides (back-end development like Cloud Computing providers) of things. 


One amazing thing about the Computer Science course is that each module is very well thought out by its Course Director, Kiran Voderhobli. They are selected with modern and upcoming technical advances in mind, which equips students like me with the skills and knowledge to find suitable jobs after university. The modules are up-to-date with recent Computer Science advancements and they cover a very wide range of upcoming areas such as 5G, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, and their subsequent providers like (AWS, GCP & Azure), IoT, advanced software development and valuable programming techniques such as version control (GitHub).


For someone who isn't quite sure what to expect or what area of Computer Science to go into, this course gives you a very good understanding of varied fields as listed above. It enables you to then choose which one you'd like to specialise in. I think this is such a good thing as many jobs want applicants to have a very wide scope of current experience and knowledge. Another example is 'DevOps', a very popular job at the minute as the role requires both development and operational knowledge and understanding, and on this course, both were covered, enabling to be able to get the job. 


Another amazing aspect of the course is that the progression of each year was well thought out and the levels of difficultly are very granular. I have never considered myself a 'geeky' person and things like programming didn't come naturally to me. However, if you work hard throughout your studies each year gets easier as you add more knowledge, experience and understanding to your belt. By the final year, you will be equipped for any job you see. 

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