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My experience from undergraduate to postgraduate

Hello, my name is Beatriz and I was part of the class of 2020, graduating with a degree in Dietetics from LBU. After completing my bachelors, I decided to stay on at Beckett to complete my masters and in this blog, I’ll be telling you why.

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My reasons for studying a masters

The idea of doing a masters came to mind whilst I was finishing my bachelors. I had attended open days earlier in the year but hadn’t given it much thought besides that. After finishing my degree, I realised that there was a whole area of nutrition (sports) that I had not yet explored and that I was really interested in. I also knew that I wanted to further my knowledge before going out into the working world, and so I decided to apply for a masters in Sports and Exercise Nutrition. This also meant that I would continue being a student for a little while longer, holding onto all those student perks and discounts! 

Deciding on a university

There were a few things to consider when selecting which university I wanted to go to. Funding, location and the course quality. The masters funding isn’t as generous as it is for undergraduate, which meant that I was considering going to a university closer to home so that I could save money on rent. After exploring a few options, contacting different universities and looking at the courses in detail, I decided to study with Leeds Becket and stay at home at my parents house, three hours from Leeds.

Reasons why I decided to stay at Leeds beckett

Leeds Beckett just felt like the right place for me to carry on my studies with. The city is amazing, no doubt about that. It has everything you could need, from shopping, music, great nightlife to its historical background and lots of Instagram worthy food places, the list goes on! I also knew how the Leeds Beckett academic and support systems worked. I knew that there were plenty of amazing wellbeing and learning services, should I need them. I knew that Leeds Beckett would provide me with lots of opportunities, the support from tutors is amazing and let’s not forget the 10% alumni discount 😉.

Step up from undergraduate

So, how am I finding it? There is a step up from undergraduate study, but not necessarily in difficulty, more so in independent working, which means lots of reading! With a masters, you choose what you put into it and what you get out of it, so you’re expected to make your own choices and take initiative. I’ve also found that we get much more depth in the subject area of interest, which I am loving. Forget about only getting 10 credits on the topic area you’ve waited all year to learn about, in a masters, you’ll spend the whole year learning about it.

Different dynamic

I have also really enjoyed the dynamics of my cohort in my postgraduate degree. It’s not always the case but I found with my undergrad a large number of students came straight from A-levels or college. With my masters, I am meeting lots of people who already have established careers and are already very knowledgeable in their own fields. I have learnt a lot from my peers already and I have made great connections that will serve me in my future career.

Flexible learning

The masters programmes are very flexible, offering both full time and part-time courses. We can fit our studies in around our other commitments which I find really helpful. A large amount of people on my course work alongside their masters, and some have children, so this is particularly useful for them.

I recommend Leeds Beckett

I would 100% recommend Leeds Beckett to anyone looking to undertake any further study. It’s not just a qualification you will get from LBU, you get so much more. There is an extensive support system in place, from the lecturers to wellbeing services, there are career development opportunities available to all, placement options, connections with industry, the facilities are amazing (the brand new Carnegie School of Sport Building is jaw dropping!) and the support available continues even after you graduate too.

If you’re thinking about postgraduate study, I would recommend reaching out to the universities you are interested in to gain information about courses, facilities, timetables and modes of study in order to make the best decision for you!

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