5 great things about being a master's student

Hello, my name is Ross, I am currently studying the MSc Sports Events Management course held at Headingley Campus. I was also a Leeds Beckett undergrad, who took the opportunity to develop their knowledge within the industry I see myself working in.


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The transition from being an undergrad student to being a master’s student during COVID-19 has been an eyeopener on a variety of levels. With my graduation ceremony not taking place due to the pandemic, I was in two minds of where my life was going with the lack of jobs on offer. With Beckett offering me a conditional offer for their Sports Events Management course, it allowed me to utilise this year of my life by exceeding my own expectations and learning more within the industry.

Here are five things I have gained from my first term:

Improving my knowledge and understanding of the industry

The opportunity to develop my own understanding and obtain the knowledge of elite events managers, who have guided me to the best possible position I could be, providing me with the motivation needed to be a master’s student on the full-time course. The industry after COVID-19 will gradually revive and get back onto its own feet; I have the opportunity to get ahead of the competitors and come in as the highest qualified candidate for the role.

Engaging in more specialist research

After finishing the first semester of the MSc course, I have thoroughly enjoyed the assignments and the depth of research I have had to go into to obtain the literature I needed for the assessments. In comparison with having all of my lectures and seminars in my undergrad last year being in person, I have experienced having much more online learning and one session at university a week.

Becoming more responsible

Ensure you are going to all the lectures or seminars on offer to you, along with having the work complete from the week before so you can keep on top of the assessment assigned to you. The lecturers have taken all of their experience within the industry and cemented it into the literature provided to you within the course; the things I’ve learnt along my Leeds Beckett journey, I will ensure I use for a lifetime.


With the lack of face-to-face tuition time on offer with COVID-19, this has allowed me to improve my independent learning ability and faith in my own work instead of relying on the tutors to regularly put me in the right direction. On MSc Sports Events Management, the modules are taught individually and not running alongside. This new format has allowed me to spend more time on the assignment we have to hand in at the end of the six-week teaching period, which gave me the chance to take my time to do more independent learning within the specific topic. This has allowed to relax and identify exactly what I need to do for my assessment and ensure I am delivering the correct content, which will obtain the highest grade possible.

Socialising opportunities

Along with my master’s degree at Leeds Beckett University, I am also a member of the BUCS Rugby Union teams, which provided me an unlimited number of social opportunities to meet some great people and make long standing friendships. For anybody looking to join Leeds Beckett and unsure if joining a society will make a difference to your university experience, I could not recommend it more highly! Leeds Beckett Rugby Union changed my experience for the better and I would not change it for the world.

In conclusion to this blog, Leeds Beckett is a fantastic university and the things I have learnt I will cherish for a lifetime. I would highly recommend that anyone joining takes every opportunity given to you and create the experience you have been given by coming to university. Be the person you have always wanted to be and never doubt the choices you make during your university journey; you will not regret it!

Ross T

Hi there, my name is Ross. I’m a postgrad student studying Sports Events Management. I am heavily interested in my rugby and cricket, as well as representing and captaining the university 5s in the BUCS Leagues. I am also the Chairman of a Rugby Club located in Leeds. 

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