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Why you should apply to university

Hi, I’m Caitlin and in this blog I’m going to tell you all about the amazing experiences I’ve had at university and that you could have too, if you choose to go.

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Opens doors to career options

University is an incredible experience that enables you to learn more about your chosen subject in detail and meet new people from different areas. Having been to a different university before coming to Beckett, I was a little nervous about making more new friends and what I would think of my course. I’ve since had an amazing time, met lots of lovely people and taken part in a range of society events.

I think it’s really important to do your research for both the university and course to ensure that you’re going to the right place for you and studying a subject that you’ll enjoy. Uni can also provide job opportunities and there are some jobs that require a degree in order to do them. For example, I want to go into teaching, and you need to have a degree in order to become a teacher, which is why I chose to go to university.

Improving your skill set

LBU has a great skills library and encourages us to make use of workshops and volunteering opportunities on offer to advance skills that will make us more employable. Courses also work with students on skill advancement and my course is a great example of this. I have a module all about getting ready for the next steps and it goes through areas like CV and cover letter writing and also has an interview element. I’ve found that university encourages the improvement of time management, problem solving, teamwork, organisation as well as a range of other skills. My course also has group work as part of the degree (many others do too) which develops teamwork, communication and problem-solving skills and I’ve found that having deadlines helps with this too.

Supportive network

My tutors are incredibly supportive and are so passionate about what they’re teaching. This was obvious from my Applicant Day, which is why I chose to come to Leeds Beckett. I think it’s really important to have tutors that care about their subject and my experience of staff at Beckett has been exactly that, which has made my university experience amazing. Students also have a range of support from outside their school to ensure they’re doing as well as they can. These include the library, wellbeing, disability and finance services, so that students aren’t disadvantaged by factors outside of their course, in their personal life. I have just started using the disability service due to a recent diagnosis and they have been really supportive and have a very fast response rate when I contact them. I also use the library on a regular basis both in person and online and I can talk to library staff if I need more specific help.

New social opportunities

University is an amazing place to meet new people and be social, and this is coming from a normally quite socially awkward person. There are many ways that you can do this, whether that’s meeting people on your course and in halls or being part of societies and sports clubs. I’ve found university really supports stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new things. The social aspect of university is massive and it’s not just partying (although for many that’s a part of it). The range of activities on offer is so diverse. You can work alongside people to make a massive difference in the university and the wider community as well as joining clubs and societies.

Societies and making friends

I’ve joined societies with people who have similar interests to me and made friends with people across the university, not just within my course or school. This was a massive achievement for me, and I think it’s a testament to how well societies work in helping those who may need a bit more of a structured way to make friends. Societies also allow for you to get involved in a large range of events and even help with the planning and running of things too, if that’s something you’d like to do. A good example of this was an event I helped organise as part of the education society committee called “Live for Lebanon”. We organised an online gig and invited a range of people to perform short sets to raise money for the Lebanon crisis. It was a great night and we raised over £300 for the charity!

I’ve found these different university experiences to be really useful in my personal and professional development. I use some of the skills learnt in job applications and interviews to showcase qualities, such as leadership, that I may not have otherwise been able to evidence. This is a massive reason why the university experience can be so vital as it provides opportunities for broader learning and skill advancement whilst making friends and having fun at the same time.

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