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Moving back home whilst studying my master's

Hello! My name is Beatriz and I am studying an MSc in Sports Nutrition at Leeds Beckett. In this blog, I will be sharing my experience of moving back home whilst studying a masters.

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Whilst selecting where I would study for my master's, I discovered that most universities would be running courses predominantly online. So, I decided to move back in with my parents and save money on rent and bills. This also meant that I would not have to get a part-time job, allowing me to focus solely on my studies.

The pros of moving back home

Moving back in with my parents after living independently in Leeds for three years has been great! Home cooked food has never tasted so good, and I can’t tell you how nice it is to come downstairs to a clean kitchen.

Other positives included saving money on renting accommodation, bills and food, being able to see old friends, and spending more time with family. I even had the time to pick up new skills and hobbies as I have more free time now that I do not need to work to support myself financially. I was also fortunate enough to spend lockdown with my family, which was really nice in the current climate.

Setting myself ‘working’ hours during the day when I did not want to be interrupted worked well.

Challenges that I faced

In terms of negatives, there have not been many. Fortunately, my parents are quite chill individuals which meant that I did not feel smothered moving back home. However, one thing I have struggled with has been setting boundaries for ‘study time’. My mother is always up for chat and my dad is always wanting to show me something. I settled this by being open and talking to them about it and setting myself ‘working’ hours during the day when I did not want to be interrupted, which worked well on the most part.

My top tips for studying from home

Even though working from home has presented its own challenges, I have managed to address them as they arise. Some of my top tips for you from what I have learnt would be:

  • Create your own space to study - I tried to study in the living room, but this proved to be impossible due to noise and people making conversation every time they walked in. Instead, I made some space in my room for a desk and chair and removed distractions, such as my phone and tv.
  • Try to work around your family or housemates’ schedules. For example, I studied whilst my parents were at work and my brother was also in university lectures. I tried to keep my weekends and evening free, where possible, as this was when most people would be home and there would be greater distractions.
  • Create a routine - especially if living with family. This allows you to set boundaries with others but also help hold yourself accountable to your studies. Ensure to include ‘time off’ and regular breaks.
  • Be open and communicate – if you are having issues with housemates or family members being noisy or disrupting your studies, it is important to communicate this with them. They most likely will not even have realise what they’re doing and will be happy to help you however you need.

Overall, I think this year is a little out of the ordinary due to COVID-19. However, if given the option, I would study my master's from home again. The financial benefit has been massive, and I’ve enjoyed spending time with my family and friends - plus Leeds is only a train ride away so I can easily pop back into the city anytime.

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Living at home while studying at university

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