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Why I wanted to study in Leeds

Hi, I’m Jahee, a second-year Business and Management student at Leeds Beckett. If you’re reading this, I’m assuming that means you want to know a bit more about Leeds and why you should study here. Having studied here for a year and a half now, I hope I can give you an insight into what it’s like as a student in this city and why I wanted to live here.

Leeds city centre

I’m not originally from Leeds and so I was apprehensive at first as to whether I should move out or stay local. After researching, I decided to move away from home and come to Leeds. The city was a big contributing factor to this decision because of how vibrant and fresh it is. I also knew that Leeds was heavily populated with students in and out of the city and that gave me the impression that I would be able to immerse myself in student life comfortably, which I have!

Leeds waterfront

Leeds city centre on the waterfront

My initial thoughts about Leeds

Diversity within the city was probably the first, standout impression that I got during the first few weeks of university. The people here are genuinely friendly and like I said earlier, the city is very student orientated. As Leeds Beckett isn’t the only university in the vicinity, that just opened up a whole new aspect of socialising. I find myself making conversation with a whole range of people when I’m out which I wouldn’t have before university.

A city to study and socialise in

I had visited Leeds a few times before I decided to settle down as a student, so I knew about the huge range and variety of shopping, eating and socialising it had to offer. Having this information meant that I had to come here for my studies. Whilst studying is important, the experience of balancing this with spare time and social life is just as important and Leeds as a city can help provide those options. I feel like balancing life and studies is a necessary skill in life and the next three to four years will essentially train you in your timekeeping, independence and other life skills and so it’s good to be in a location and university that can help you with that.

Shops, bars and restaurants

Leeds city centre has a vast array of places to shop, ranging from top brands and retail stores to thrift and vintage shops. You’ve then got places to buy essentials for your studies and for living arrangements and grocery shopping too. There are plenty of shopping centres such as Trinity and Merrion Centre and there are many shops within these that offer student discount. My favourite place eat has to be Trinity Kitchen, mainly because they offer halal foods as options.

Weatherspoons (my personal favourite hotspot) as well as many other pubs can be found here, along with many other student friendly clubs and bars. If you get the chance, I recommend that you visit Call Lane (a row of different unique bars) as the places there are particularly low-key and affordable.

Activities for a day/night out

There are plenty of activities to do around Leeds as a student. Ranging from cinemas to bowling to 5-a-side football pitches. Two of my personal favourites would be Junkyard Golf located in The Light for some light-hearted golfing and Dry Dock for all your karaoke-satisfying needs! Outside of city centre, there are many parks and fields such as Hyde Park and Burley Park as well if you enjoy walks or go on runs. I find Burley Park a nice area to jog around and many students do the same for this reason.

Walkable city

Finally, I’d like to mention how well connected Leeds is. At first I thought Leeds was massive, but it is actually quite compact, particularly the city centre. Most places are just a walk away, but there is always the option to take the bus or get an uber, which I find is sometimes better depending on where I’m going. There are plenty of ways to travel around Leeds and you’ll find the best way for you once you begin to live here.

After living here for over a year now, I’ve become really attached to Leeds for all its worth. I highly recommend that you consider this city and study at Beckett because of how welcoming and friendly it is here. There’s never really a dull moment whether it’s in the city centre or on the outskirts, you will always have something to do. Everything is close and the variety of things to do in Leeds appears almost endless!

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