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Things that are uniquely Yorkshire and why I love it here

Hi, I’m Ning, an international student from Malaysia, studying here at Leeds Beckett. In this blog I’ll be talking about things that I've found to be unique to Yorkshire since living here and why I love it in this part of the country.

Yorkshire Dales Road

Truth be told, it didn’t occur to me at first that Leeds was part of the Yorkshire county. As an international student, the geographical locations of places in the UK are still foreign to me; I look at locations as they are, not the county they are part of. For example to me, Leeds is Leeds and Nottingham is Nottingham. The only Yorkshire reference I knew before coming to the UK was the cute little Yorkshire Terrier, but after arriving in Leeds, all of that changed, and I was in for a bit of a cultural shock.

Yorkshire sayings and customs

Can you imagine the confusion painted on my face when someone asked me what I was having for tea in the evening? Or saying ta when I helped them with a favour? When I first heard an acquaintance of mine use “ta” in university, I was surprised and it was just a matter of getting used to it over time. It was a very interesting experience for me because I did not expect dialects and slang words to exist in a place where the whole country speaks English.
These are some of the common phrases that I’ve heard over the months that I’ve been in Yorkshire:

  • Ta

    Thank you.
  • Tea

    Has many different meanings. It doesn’t just mean a brew of black tea. If someone asks what you are having for tea later, they are asking you what are you planning to have for dinner in the evening. It took me a while to wrap my head around this.
  • Ey up

    Another way of saying “hello” or “how are you”.

Yorkshire tea and cup

The famous Yorkshire Tea

The people and food

Yorkshire has some unique and delicious food and drink that it is proud of and specialises in.

  • Yorkshire Puddings
    The pastries in the shape of little bowls that can hold loads of gravy. My housemate made them once and I was fascinated by how fluffy these things can get.
  • Yorkshire Tea
    A blend of tea, made in Yorkshire. The folks here take their tea very seriously too! This was the perfect gift to bring home to family and friends to represent the place that I have been living in throughout my studies.       

As fascinatingly confusing as the phrases can be at times, the people here are just like their Yorkshire puddings – warm and fluffy. The Yorkshire folk are warm and friendly. Living away from the city, I could feel the warmth and hospitality by the people here for their kindness and genuine smiles.

Christmas Dinner

Yorkshire Pudding at a Christmas dinner with the housemates.

Advice for living in Yorkshire

If you’re an international student or student from another part of the UK reading this article, you may be surprised by the different phrases and customs you'll experience when moving to a new place. It's okay if you experience a culture shock or find it difficult to adjust at first. The friends you make on your course and your experience from just interacting with the locals over time will definitely help and you'll soon fall in love with Yorkshire! The university’s Global Village is also a great place to engage with other international students as everyone can share their experiences of living in Yorkshire which makes for a great support group. If you're from another part of the UK moving here, getting involved in societies can be a great way to meet local students and explore the area together.  

My top tip for living in Yorkshire whilst pursuing your degree - just open your eyes to your beautiful surroundings and enjoy the experience!

Yorkshire? For sure

If I was given the chance to go back in time and choose my degree again, I would choose to do it here in Leeds, just the same, hands down. The food, the people and the culture are all interesting eye-openers, as well as the diverse and vast nature spaces available to visit when you want to take a break from your studies. Ta for the hospitality Yorkshire, I have no regrets choosing to study here!


Hello, apa khabar (how are you?) My name is Ning and I am a postgraduate student from Malaysia who is currently undertaking a MSc in Psychology of Sport and Exercise. Running, cooking, and reading are my go to self-care activities. I really enjoy collecting cooking recipes and sharing the meals I cook with people.

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