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Day in the life of a Graphic Design student

Hi, my name is Mohit and I'm studying on the MA Graphic Design course here at Leeds Beckett. In this blog, I will be letting you in on what my typical day as an international student looks like.

Rubik cube on a desk

Rise and Shine

A typical day for me starts at around 6.30 am. I exercise for a bit and have my breakfast before taking a shower. After that, I make it a point to check my schedule for the day to decide how to plan out what I want to do. One of the things that my course at Beckett has taught me to improve about myself is my time management skills.

Call it a superstition, but before I leave my apartment for the uni, I have this weird habit of solving a rubiks cube at least once. Don’t ask me why I started doing it, I ask myself that everyday and have no answer! It’s just something I have to do before I leave the house.

As a nature lover, I rarely take the bus and prefer walking to the university. Other than the exercise that I get, this also affords me the chance to get some fresh air every morning.

Learning something new and fun everyday

Graphic Design is my passion! I love attending the lectures at the university because just when you think that you know it all and you cannot learn anything that you have not already, our awesome tutors teach us something new and exciting. There is never a dull moment in class. Not only are the people in my course extremely friendly, but since we all come from different backgrounds, we are always learning something new about each other everyday.
We are given different assignments every week and we have complete creative freedom when it comes to what artistic medium we want to use to complete our assignments. This practice has installed in me the urge to try out different types of arts.

Designing is life... but so is food

I usually break for lunch at around 1pm. I head over to the hive where they have a great menu. Plus the staff are so friendly and always have a smile on their face. The chef cooks a mean burger, my favourite of them all being the one with the chicken filling. I love to unwind there between classes. A good lunch and a game or two of pool always get me refreshed and pumped up for the rest of the day. If any of you ever see me at the Hive and have a few minutes to spare, lets shoot some pool!

Image of a bar in the Hive, Leeds Beckett's student union

An afternoon mentoring session

The second half of our lectures are usually reserved for questions or doubts that we may have regarding our projects or assignments. It is during these sessions that I find that I come up with more ideas for my projects as I get to hear ideas from my tutor and course mates.

Back home

Classes get over at 4pm. Before heading home, I usually buy essentials or groceries from a supermarket. These include vegetables that I may cook for dinner that night. After I am back home, I make it a point to video chat with my mother. Telling her about my day relaxes me.

Before cooking dinner, I browse the internet to keep myself updated on the latest graphic design trends that are currently being used. Being in a field thats ever changing and evolving, I make sure I keep researching so that I don’t fall behind.

Good night

After having dinner, I spend an hour working on my own personal graphic design projects. I find that time to be the most productive for me. I make it a point to hit the sack by around 10 pm to make sure I get good enough hours in so that I wake up all fresh and ready for what's instore for me the next day.

I hope you've enjoyed my blog and that it's given you an insight into a day in the life of a Graphic Design Student at Beckett.


Hi, I'm Mohit and I'm studying MA Graphic Design. I'm originally from Singapore but I moved to India when I was 17. I have lots of interests outside of my course, including DIY, theatre, 8 ball pool and solving an Rubiks cube.

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