Postgraduate MA

Integrative Counselling

Gain a comprehensive knowledge of the acquisition and subsequent use of interpersonal and counselling skills for therapeutic benefit.

Integrative Counselling

Course Overview

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  • Main location

    City Campus
  • Attendance

  • Duration

    2 Years
  • Start date

    18 Sep 2023

Gain a deep understanding of relational theory and practice and learn how to apply your therapeutic counselling and psychotherapy skills with clients.

Accredited by the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP), this course will enable you to develop the skills you’ll need as a professional counsellor or psychotherapist. It will provide you with the training required to become registered with the BACP and be professionally recognised as a counsellor.

As part of this course, you’ll:

  • Identify your strengths and areas for development through clinical practice, ensuring you become a capable and self-reflective practitioner
  • Experience a variety of learning approaches from full class lectures, to small group skills development where you can record your practice in our communications suite
  • Study appropriate methods of research to form a research proposal and complete a dissertation in a subject area or specialism of your choice

We'll help you find a suitable work placement where you’ll have client contact on a regular basis totalling 100 hours. You’ll also undertake 20 hours of personal counselling from a network of professional counsellors approved by our university.

Accredited by:

Improving mental health support for BAME communities Maryam Riaz, lecturer in Counselling and Mental Health at Leeds Beckett University, is breaking down barriers to mental health support for BAME communities. Here she talks about her work to encourage people from all backgrounds to consider the counselling profession, and how she is training her students to become culturally aware so they can work confidently with diversity and difference.

We Empower. with Maryam Riaz, Improving mental health support for BAME communities

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