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Undergraduate BSc (Hons)

Therapeutic Counselling (Top-Up)

If you’re a counsellor wishing to continue your professional development, this course is for you. It also provides a stepping stone to study a master's award in this area.

Therapeutic Counselling (Top-Up)

Course Overview

  • UCAS code

  • Institution code

  • Main location

    Distance Learning
  • Attendance

  • Duration

    1 Year
  • Start date

    19 Sep 2022

As part of your course, you'll:

  • Explore the philosophies, values and cultural assumptions underpinning key counselling perspectives
  • Work in groups to review your counselling experiences
  • Share ideas and thoughts on different approaches in order to improve your practice
  • Investigate and discuss a wide range of counselling approaches. This includes the relational approach and cognitive behavioural therapy, widely used in the NHS today

If you’re a counsellor looking to top-up your qualification to an honours degree, this course will enrich your professional development and practice. It can also act as a gateway to masters-level study.

You’ll shape and invigorate your debates through discussions with other qualified counsellors. You’ll share knowledge and expertise. And you’ll be able to network with peers, potentially developing entrepreneurial ventures and partnerships.

You’ll boost your expertise with your final project module. This helps you design and present your own counselling reports and studies in the future.

Our teaching team comes from a range of counselling backgrounds. They’ve worked with person-centred, integrative, psychodynamic and humanistic approaches. They’ll help inform this course's content and bring a vast array of experience and insight into seminars, lectures and workshops.

By the end of your course, you’ll have shaped and strengthened your own practice and its identity. You’ll also be able to find more opportunities to deliver counselling in diverse settings and communities.

Why study Therapeutic Counselling at Leeds Beckett University...

  1. Specialist facilities 
  2. Engage with other qualified counsellors
  3. Part-time study available
  4. Research-led teaching