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Settling in

How you can help them settle in

Leaving home for the first time can be daunting. Before your son or daughter heads off on their exciting journey, you may want to help them prepare for life in their halls of residence. We’ve listed a few hints and tips to get you started.

Shopping and cooking

Pick a few of their favourite dishes, jot down the ingredients and instructions, and then spend some time in the kitchen to show them how it’s done.

Advise them to freeze leftovers as they will last longer and will be a quick fix for when they need dinner in a hurry. Remind them to only buy what they need, not to go shopping when they’re hungry and to try some of the low cost supermarkets to help save money. 

Eating on campus

Our Beckett Food & Retail Team offers a Reward Card that can be topped up with money to ensure your son or daughter always has the funds for a meal on campus. You can add cash to their card and get boosted credit, with all top-ups between £20 and £500 receiving 5% extra credit and top-ups over £500 receiving 10% extra credit. Reward Cards are also a great idea as your son or daughter can collect points, get free hot drinks, access special offers and even get a free slice of cake on their birthday. 

You can register a card for them and add credit here or they can pick up a card when they arrive at University and you can add credit to their account using their card number here. For more information visit or get in touch with the team at

What to take

Prepare a list of everything they will need to take – focus on the essentials to keep the load as light as possible – clothes, bedding, coat hangers, towels, toiletries, cutlery, crockery, laptop / tablet, mobile, chargers and the all-important family photos! Most universities provide an inventory list, so double check what will already be there for you. If your son or daughter is coming to Leeds Beckett you can find our inventories here.

Vacuum storage bags are a great space saver for the car journey and for your son or daughter’s new pad. Don’t forget when loading the car to try and pack stuff in the order that it will be needed.


You’ll probably have spent the last 18 years doing their washing so you’ll already be familiar with the rules, but as it may be your son or daughter’s first time, it might be worth pointing out a few laundry tips to help them keep their clothes looking good.

Advice on separating whites and colours, not overfilling the machine, emptying pockets and using the lowest temperature where possible to save energy and avoid shrinking clothes, is well worth a mention.


If it’s going to be the first time your son or daughter has handled a cleaning cloth, there are a few pointers you may want to share. A rota for washing and cleaning with their house mates is useful, as is washing up after each meal to avoid accumulating those nightmare piles of dirty dishes.

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