settling in to university

Three students sat on sofa, one is leant froward to see something being shared on a phone

Starting at University is an exciting time, but it may also be challenging.

For many students living away from home, managing their money and feeding themselves is a major new experience. Expect a transition period as they settle into accommodation, make new friends, and juggle academic work with a social life.

It helps to be familiar with the academic calendar for the year and experience shows us that over the course of a year these are some of the particular ‘crunch points’ to be aware of. To help, we've listed some key points below.

Academic calendar
  1. Welcome and induction

    There is so much to take in that some students may feel overwhelmed at first, and even question whether they have chosen the right course.

  2. Exam time

    Especially the first exams, usually after Christmas.

  3. A late start to a course or any period of absence

    Students may start to feel out of touch and isolated.

  4. Money is running out too quickly…

    Not only can this cause anxiety; it may also lead to debt.

  5. Starting a placement

    This can be quite early on in some courses, and the experience can be daunting for those who haven’t been employed before.

  6. Coursework deadlines

    The first assignment deadline can be a pressure point, and the assignments don’t stop coming.

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Help settling in

The good news is that we provide a strong network of Support for Students to help them look after themselves and develop strategies for coping with challenges. With the Students’ Union we also offer a wide range of societies, sports clubs, volunteering and self-development opportunities, where students can meet new people and form friendships based on shared interests.