Learning Resources

In addition to our development programme, a range of webinars designed to help inspire and support you with your development, we have collated and developed additional resources that complement and enhance our programme.  The resources below include recommendations for TED talks, YouTube videos and books and include topics such as Emotional Intelligence, Presentation Skills and Time Management.

You can also listen to our very own series of podcasts, where we explore Wellbeing activities and support;  Learning and development opportunities and initiatives and Equality, diversity and inclusion activities and support. Our guests share information, updates, advice and some intriguing insights into their personalities...

Career Planning

Over the last few eventful months, thoughts of your career and professional development may have been pushed to the back of your mind.  Or you may have been reflecting more than usual about your current job and your future career.  Here are some resources which will help you to take a fresh look at how your values and motivations affect your career decisions; view your career experiences in a positive light; and start thinking about how to get the best out of your present role and be ready for future opportunities.   

Career planning resources

  • Book: Cal Newport “So good they can’t ignore you (Why skills trump passion in the quest for work you love)” 
  • Book: John Lees “How to get a job you love” 
  • Book: Richard N. Bolles “What colour is your parachute?” 
  • TED Talk: Scott Dinsmore “How to find work you love” 
  • TED Talk: Felicia Ricci “How to change careers when you’re lost” 
  • TED Talk: Celeste Headlee “Don’t find a job, find a mission” 
  • TED Talk: Ashley Stahl “Three questions to unlock your authentic career” 
  • Podcast: Squiggly Careers

Communication skills

When we think about our interaction with others, it is often defined by our communication. How we communicate with others often dictates how or whether we choose to emotionally connect with that person or not. These resources below are good illustration of how positive communication breeds positive reaction and include some great tips on how to get your real self across with honesty and positive energy.

Science of persuasion - Robert Cialdini & Steve Martin

Emotional Intelligence

Every day, we face a variety of challenges in the workplace: making decisions, meeting deadlines and engaging effectively with others. But how often are we held back by problems caused by pressure, poor communication and unclear objectives? This is where emotional intelligence can really make a difference. It’s not about suppressing our emotions but instead working with them in an intelligent way.  Check out the resources below to learn more!

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion are integral to our Culture and at the core of how we work with all members of our community. This small selection of books promotes diversity of thought on a range of equality matters.

What does my headscarf mean to you | Yassmin Abdel Magied

Other Resources

  • Book: Inclusive Leadership – Charlotte Sweeney & Fleur Bothwick
  • Book: Dismantling Race in Higher Education – Edited by Jason Arday & Heidi Safia Mirza
  • Book: White Privilege – Kalwant Bhopal
  • Book: Invisible Women – Caroline Criado Perez
  • Book: The Fearless Organisation – Amy C.Edmondson
  • Book: A whole School approach to LGBT+ Inclusion (Shaun Dellenty (endorsed by Jonathan Glazzard, Prof of Teacher Education at LBU)) 
  • Google Podcast: Women at Work (Harvard Business Review)
  • Inclusive Language Guide- MHFA

Leadership Skills

Successful leaders know that it is important to be open to learning throughout their entire career. They role model the skills and behaviours that enable their teams to stay current, adapt to the changes around and bring new innovations to their work. It is a complex and challenging role that can be both frustrating and rewarding in equal measure. The following resources are recommended for leaders seeking additional support in their learning journey.

Leadership resources


  • Book: Start with the Why (Simon Sinek)
  • Book: Leading in Higher Education (Paul Ramsden)
  • Book: Drive (Daniel Pink)
  • Book: Leadership and Self-deception (The Arbinger Institute)
  • Book: Inclusive Leadership (Sweeney and Bothwick)
  • Book: Ethicability (Roger Steare)
  • Book: Daring Greatly (Brene Brown)
  • Book: Time to Think (Nancy Kline)
  • YouTube: TED The rarest commodity is leadership without ego (Bob Davids)
  • YouTube: TED The Case for Radical Transparency (Susan Scott)
  • YouTube: The X model of Employee Engagement (BlessingWhite)
  • Google Podcast: Secret Leaders
  • Google Podcast: TED Talks Daily
  • Google Podcast: Squiggly Careers
  • Google Podcast: Creative Rebels


First why and then trust | Simon Sinek

Employees first, customers second | Vineet Nayar

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Leading Change and wellbeing resources

  • Book: Strategic Leadership of Change in Higher Education (Stephanie Marshall)
  • Book: Unchartered (Margaret Heffernan)
  • Book: The Heart of Change (John Kotter)
  • Book: Appreciative Inquiry for Change Management (Lewis, Passmore and Cantore)
  • Book: Who moved my cheese? (Spencer Johnson)
  • Book: The Mind of the Leader (Hougaard and Carter)
  • Book: A Great Day at the Office (Dr John Briffa)
  • YouTube: TED The Power of Vulnerability (Brene Brown)
  • Google Podcast: Women at Work (Harvard Business Review)

Leaders coaching and team development resources

  • Book: Time to Think (Nancy Kline)
  • Book: Co-Active Coaching (Whitworth, Kinsey-House and Sandahl)
  • Book: The Tao of Coaching (Max Landsberg)
  • Book: Games People Play (Eric Berne)
  • Book: Everyone needs a Mentor (David Clutterbuck)
  • Book: Fierce Conversations (Susan Scott)
  • Book: Overcoming the Five Dysfunctions of a Team (Patrick Lencioni)
  • Book: Coaching the Team at Work (David Clutterbuck)
  • Book: Leaders Eat Last (Simon Sinek)
  • TED talk: How great leaders inspire action:

Mindfulness Resources

When we find ourselves busy both at work and at home, it can be too easy to focus on what is happening next and lose sight of our experiences in the moment. By practising mindfulness this can help us to focus, to pay attention to our thoughts and feelings and to notice the world around us. Evidence shows that by practising mindfulness we not only improve our concentration but our mental wellbeing. The following resources are recommended for anyone who’d like to learn more about building mindfulness into their day to day routine, especially apps like Headspace and Calm.

All it takes is 10 mindful minutes | Andy Puddicombe

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Personal Effectiveness

If you want to stop being a passenger and put yourself back in the driving seat of your own life, then checking out some of the resources below will help you do that. These all provide tip, ideas and food for thought to help you be happier, find and do work you love and have a true sense of purpose. Please accept our warning before you embark - reading or viewing of these resources WILL inspire you to want to make changes in your life!

See below brilliant books by Prof Steve Peters and Brene Brown.

The power of introverts | Susan Cain

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Confessions of a recovering micromanager | Chieh Huang

Time management  and wellbeing

Paul Flaxman has written a great book titled The Mindful and Effective Employee, find out more below.

Time to talk day 4th February-In conversation with Chris McLay and Leigh Beales

Time to Talk podcast

Resilience Resources

Our levels of resilience are what give us the strength to deal with times of change, stress or uncertainty. By taking steps to protect our wellbeing routinely, this can help to ensure we feel able to cope during difficult times. Below are some resources to help you think about how you can protect your wellbeing and build your levels of resilience. 

We have some great resources on our MyHub pages that you're sure to find helpful.

How to stay calm when you know you'll be stressed | Daniel Levitin | Ted Talk

Your body language may shape who you are | Amy Cuddy | Ted Talk

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