Dr Ash Ahmed, Reader

Dr Ash Ahmed


Leading several undergraduate and postgraduate modules in the field of civil engineering materials science to primarily civil engineering students and also to construction, surveyors and architects.

Materials is an essential part of the built environment encompassing civil engineering, architecture, construction and surveying. I deliver modules across different undergraduate and postgraduate levels elaborating on the main construction materials, the properties and application in civil engineering / construction.

Current Teaching

  • Engineering Materials Science (undergraduate)
  • Materials Science & Structures (undergraduate)
  • Engineering Materials Technology (undergraduate)
  • Materials Technology (Masters)

Research Interests

  • Specialism:
    • Construction / Civil Eng Materials Science (concrete, masonry, metals, polymers)
    • Sustainability in Masonry using Recycled & Waste Products
  • Research:
    • Background in Metallurgy, Polymer Science, Concrete, Blocks & Mortar (Masonry)

Currently supervising post graduate research projects in the following areas:

  • Sustainable concrete, using waste and recycled waste materials
  • Sustainable mortar
  • Highway concrete using blended cement

Cement and concrete are highly environmentally unfriendly; thus Ash's area of research focuses on utilising waste and recycled materials to reduce the net embodied carbon associated with cementitious materials.

Dr Ash Ahmed, Reader

Selected Outputs

  • Ahmed A; Sturges J (2014) Materials Science in Construction An Introduction. Routledge.