Dr Helen Fawkner, Course Director

Dr Helen Fawkner

Course Director

Helen received her MSc and PhD from the University of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Prior to this she completed a BSc (Hons) at Monash University, Australia. Helen is currently the Course Leader for the BSc (Hons) Psychology degree.

Helen's research interests are in the areas of health, applied social, and sport/ exercise psychology. Her own research has a particular emphasis on men's health and body image attitudes. Specifically, Helen is interested in the antecedents to body image attitudes in men (e.g., the role of physical factors, personality attributes and cultural and interpersonal factors), and how these are related to potential adjustive strategies and behaviours (e.g., body adornment, grooming behaviours, cosmetic surgery, steroid, recreational drug, smoking, and alcohol use, eating disturbance, and sexual risk taking).

Helen is currently a member of the Editorial Board for Body Image: An International Journal of Research. Further, she regularly reviews research for Sex Roles, International Journal of Mens Health, Journal of Reproductive and Infant Psychology, Men and Masculinities, Psychology and Sexuality, and Journal of Applied Sport Psychology.

Current Teaching

Helen currently teaches on the following modules:

  • Psychology of Appearance (Year 2 Elective)
  • Psychology of Women (Year 2 Elective)
  • Final Year Research Project

Research Interests

Helen is currently examining factors that might influence body image attitudes in women, and their response to the presentation of idealized images (e.g., religiosity, dress preference).

Dr Helen Fawkner, Course Director

Ask Me About

  1. Psychology
  2. Body Image
  3. Sport Psychology
  4. Cosmetic Surgery

Selected Outputs

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