Professor Brendan Gough, Director of Research

Professor Brendan Gough

Director of Research

Professor Gough is a Critical Social Psychologist and qualitative researcher interested in men and masculinities. He has published many papers on gender identities and relations, mostly in the context of health, lifestyles and well being.

Professor Gough is co-founder and co-editor of the journal Qualitative Research in Psychology; he edits the Critical Psychology section and is co-Editor-in-Chief of the journal Social & Personality Psychology Compass, and is associate editor for the journal Psychology of Men and Masculinity. He was awarded a fellowship of the Academy of Social Sciences in 2016.

He has co-authored/edited three books in the areas of critical social psychology (with McFadden, McDonald: 2001/2013), reflexivity in qualitative research (with Finlay: 2003), and men's health (with Robertson: 2009). He has put together a five-volume major work on qualitative research in psychology (Sage: 2014), co-edited a book on chemically modified bodies (substance use for appearance purposes; with Hall, Grogan: 2016), and edited a new handbook of critical social psychology (Palgrave: 2017). His latest, sole-authored book cam eout in 2018: Contemporary Masculinities: Embodiment, Emotion and Wellbeing (Palgrave).

Professor Brendan Gough, Director of Research

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  • Gough B; Novikova I (2020), Mental health, men and culture: how do sociocultural constructions of masculinities relate to men’s mental health help-seeking behaviour in the WHO European Region?: WHO

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