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Dr Kata Pauly-Takacs

About Dr Kata Pauly-Takacs

Kata is a cognitive neuropsychologist specialising in human memory. She obtained her doctorate from the University of Leeds in 2012 and joined Leeds Beckett University in 2013.

Kata's PhD thesis focused on how childhood brain tumours and subsequent treatment affect developing memory systems and how specific cognitive rehabilitation techniques and tools might be used in this special population. In relation to this, she was involved in pioneering research exploring the efficacy of SenseCam, a novel memory rehabilitation device. Overall, Kata's doctoral work has implications for effective clinical assessment following childhood-acquired brain injury as well as cognitive rehabilitation in this special population.

Current Teaching

  • Cognitive Psychology and Neuropsychology (Level 6, BSc Psychology)
  • Language and Cognition (Level 5, BSc Speech and Language Therapy)
  • Cognitive Psychology (Level 7, MSc Psychology Conversion)

Kata also supervises BSc, MSc and PhD projects within the domain of human memory.

Research Interests

Kata’s primary focus of research considers how memory and the subjective experience of remembering is affected following brain injury across the lifespan. She often adopts the single-case approach of neuropsychology to better understand the functional architecture of the human memory system as well as to appreciate psychological distress caused by idiosyncratic memory failures.

Kata is also interested in human memory more broadly. For example, considering the relationship between memory and associated cognitions such as creativity and future thinking.

Selected Publications

Journal articles (8)

Chapters (1)

  • Pauly-Takacs K; Souchay C; Smith AD; Moulin CJA (2018) Neuropsychological Methods in Memory Research. In: Otani H; Schwartz BL Handbook of Research Methods in Human Memory. : Routledge, pp. .

Conference contributions (10)

  • Pauly-Takacs K; Cole S (2019) Imagining my future and yours: The phenomenology and functions of vicarious future thinking Cape Cod, USA 06/06/2019.
  • Pauly-Takacs K; Charlesworth L; Moulin C (2016) Recollection and familiarity following limbic encephalitis: a case-study Budapest 17/07/2016.
  • Pauly-Takacs K; Moulin CJA (2016) Enhanced gist representation in childhood-acquired amnesia: A case study London 17/03/2016.
  • Pauly-Takacs K; Jersakova R; Ahmed H; Garwood J (2015) Metamemory awareness in the lab and in the lecture theatre: Implications for student achievement University of Kent 01/09/2015.
  • Moulin CJA; Charlesworth L; Pauly-Takacs K; Allen R; Havelka J (2015) Episodic autobiographical memory maintains the psychological self: Evidence from a case of limbic encephalitis Victoria, Canada .
  • Moulin CJA; E Sousa Silva AR; Pauly-Takacs K (2014) Applying SenseCam to the study of autobiographical memory: technological and methodological issues Paris, France .
  • Pauly-Takacs K; Moulin CJA; Estlin EJ (2011) Benefits and limitations of errorless learning after surviving paediatric brain tumours: a case-study York, UK 31/07/2011.
  • Pauly-Takacs K; Moulin CJA; Estlin EJ; Conway MA (2011) Supporting personal semantic memories with SenseCam: a child case study London, UK 28/02/2011.
  • Pauly-Takacs K; Moulin CJA (2010) Knowing your FOK from your TOT: Training abbreviations in a child with anterograde amnesia Cardiff, UK 06/09/2010.
  • Doherty AR; Pauly-Takacs K; Gurrin C; Moulin CJA; Smeaton AF (2009) Three years of SenseCam images - observations on cued recall Chicago, USA 17/10/2009.
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