Halima Ahmed, Lecturer

Halima Ahmed


Halima is a Lecturer in Psychology in the Leeds School of Social Sciences.

Halima completed her undergraduate degree in Psychology at Leeds Beckett University in 2014. She then worked as a Research Assistant for some time following her degree. In 2015 she joined Leeds Beckett University again as a PhD student and Graduate Teaching Assistant. Her PhD studies focus on the role of long-term memory in creative thinking.

Current Teaching

  • Research Methods
  • Cognitive Psychology and Neuropsychology
  • Mind, Brain and Behaviour

Research Interests

Halima is primarily interested in understanding the effects of declarative memory processes (episodic and semantic memory) on creative divergent thinking in the context of healthy ageing. Her PhD research aims to investigate the impact of inducing several declarative memory relevant processes and examining their impact on subsequent divergent thinking task performance in younger and healthy older adults.

Halima Ahmed, Lecturer