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Dr Michael Cassop Thompson

About Dr Michael Cassop Thompson

Dr Michael Cassop Thompson has been employed in senior roles throughout the education and leisure sectors for over 25 years. Although Michael works on a variety of diverse projects, he has a particular interest in creativity, strategy and marketing.

Holding qualifications such as BA Hons Business Studies, BSc Combined Studies, MBA in Service Management and a PhD in value creation, he was the winner of the William Francis Award for written publications in 2011 and has numerous publications in various industry journals and magazines. Despite these notable qualifications, Michael does not differentiate between theory and practice. He views organisational life as incorporating multiple perspectives which are interconnected and not amenable to compartmentalization, fragmentation and stratification. He questions the underpinning assumptions of many mainstream approaches to business life and in doing so opens up ‘potentialities’ and creative alternatives.

Current Teaching

Michael's current course and modules responsibilities include:

  • Director of CIM Delivery
  • Module Leader (Undergraduate) - Marketing Communications
  • Module Leader (Postgraduate) - Marketing Communications Strategy
  • Module Leader (Postgraduate) - Media Strategy and Planning

Research Interests

Michael's current research interests relate to organisational creativity. He has recently addressed the following conferences and events:

  • TEDX: “It does not have to be like this: Creating New Worlds, Community by Community”
  • Leeds Business Breakfast: “Creative Presenting: Authenticity, Vulnerability and Impact"
  • The Medici Programme: “Creativity and Innovation”
  • Leeds Business Enterprise Services: “Creativity in Action”
  • Leeds Festival of Business: "Leading Differently: Creativity for Engagement, Satisfaction and Profitability"
  • The Call Centre Summit: “Creative Leadership: Soaring From The Boring With New Lines of Flight”
  • The Call Centre Conference: “If It Ain’t Fun, It Ain’t Working: Creativity and Leadership Success”
  • The Facilities Forum: “Flowing With Big Wave Surfing: The Creation of Ideas”
  • Leeds Beckett Research Conference: “Squeezing the Creative Life Out Of Your Organisations Employees”
  • The Training and Development Summit: "The Creativity Imperative”
  • Leeds Business Enterprise Services: “Creativity”
  • Leeds Business Week: “Run Over By The Management Juggernaut”
  • The Rewards and Benefits Forum: “Boa Constrictor Management”

Selected Publications

Journal articles (10)

  • cassop thompson M (2014) Cassop Thompson, M. (2014 ) "Strategic Thinking" Health Club Management (March)
  • Cassop Thompson M (2014) "Rules of Engagement" Sport and Physical Activity: Journal of the Chartered Institute for The Management of Sport and Physical Activity (Jan)
  • Cassop Thompson M (2011) "You can't Hide Those Lying Eyes" (2011)
  • Cassop Thompson M (2011) "Time to Tear Up the Rule Book"
  • Cassop Thompson M (2011) "Meeting High Expectations" 2011
  • Cassop Thompson M (2011) "Blinded by Quality" ?
  • Cassop Thompson M (2010) "An Artists Impression"
  • Cassop Thompson M (2010) "The Key to Success"
  • Cassop Thompson M (2010) "Olympic values"
  • Cassop Thompson M (2010) fighting the ageing process
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