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Dr Oliver Bray

About Dr Oliver Bray

Oliver is the Director of Arts in the Leeds School of Arts.

Oliver’s well-respected performance and live art practice has toured nationally and internationally to venues and festivals including Sibiu International Theatre Festival, Romania; In between Time, Bristol; and the National Review of Live Art, Glasgow. His performance work seeks always to be genuinely innovative and edgy, while remaining unapologetically inclusive, eminently watchable and often quite a bit funny.

Current Teaching

PhD supervision.

Research Interests

Oliver’s current research interests stem from his professional practice in contemporary performance and live art but are inherently interdisciplinary in nature. As a theatre maker and practice-led researcher, his current interests include methodologies of restriction and constraint, speech-making, the art of rhetoric and the performance potential of ’pataphysical post-truth in the 21st century.

Selected Publications

Journal articles (1)

Books (1)

  • Bray O; Bray P (2013) Voicing Trauma and Truth Narratives of Disruption and Transformation.

Chapters (4)

Conference contributions (4)

  • Bray O; Pinchbeck M; Nicklin H (2016) WHERE FROM HERE: 21 Years of Third Angel Leeds Beckett University 17/11/2016.
  • bray O (2016) Literary and Theatrical Constraint University of Sheffield 06/05/2016.
  • Bray OP (2012) The Speech Maker Leeds 27/06/2012.
  • Bray OP; Bray P (2011) Fathers and Sons: An Autoethnographic Case Study of Bereavement and Trauma Prague, Czech Republic 11/03/2011.

Performances (8)

  • Bray OP (In press) The Animal Was Upon Him
  • Bray OP; Bray P (In press) 'Why can't I stop looking?' A Therapeutic and Performative Debate on Performed Trauma
  • Bray OP (In press) The Speech Maker
  • Bray OP; Krische R (In press) 'T.Hanks' B-motion
  • Bray OP (In press) Villa
  • Bray OP (In press) The Elision of Scaff'
  • Bray OP (In press) Of This Room
  • (In press)Ursonate Post-truth

Theses or dissertations (1)

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