Dr Stephen Newman, Senior Lecturer

Dr Stephen Newman

Senior Lecturer

Stephen’s research interests include the later philosophy of Ludwig Wittgenstein, and its application and relevance to many aspects of education. Stephen completed both his Master’s and his PhD at the University of Sheffield, researching into philosophy and philosophy of education.

The initial stage of Stephen’s career was spent teaching in secondary education, during which time he studied part-time for a Master’s degree and a PhD, both of which (in different ways) applied some of the insights of Wittgenstein’s work to address issues in education.

Since moving to work in higher education, Stephen has experience of leading MSc and MA programmes in educational leadership and management. He also leads a School-Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT) course for students studying at Master’s degree level whilst training to be teachers. In addition, he supervises and examines candidates for MPhil, MRes, PhD and EdD degrees. Topics covered in recent supervisions include:

  • Leadership and Interactions: An Investigation of Leadership Styles and Human Interactions in a School in Cyprus
  • A narrative inquiry into teacher stress using a Wittgensteinian lens
  • The development of professional identity
  • Teaching mathematics: teaching techniques and whole departmental approaches to improving examination success
  • Bureaucracy and Autocracy: Language-games, organisational culture, and marketing

Stephen has been awarded Senior Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy (SFHEA) (now run by Advance HE) and is a Fellow of several Learned Societies. He is also an experienced external examiner at other universities. Stephen is a Deputy Editor of the Journal of Education for Teaching, and a peer reviewer for various international journals in education, including Educational Philosophy and Theory, Journal of Education for Teaching, Asia Pacific Education Review, Language and Education, Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour, Journal of Intelligence, and Sustainability. He has experience as a school and academy governor, including being a Chair and Vice-Chair of Governors and of Trustees.

Current Teaching

  • MA (Education)
  • EdD and PhD supervision
  • PGCE

Research Interests

Stephen's current research investigates the application of philosophy to issues of importance, including teacher education, social justice, language acquisition, professional development, teachers' professional knowledge, and critical reflections on the provision of professional learning opportunities for teachers.

Dr Stephen Newman, Senior Lecturer

Selected Outputs

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