Mick Marston, Senior Lecturer

Mick Marston

Senior Lecturer

Mick is a freelance illustrator and Senior Lecturer on the BA (Hons) Illustration course at Leeds Beckett University with 30 years experience of the industry. He is also an experienced printmaker and a former Art Director at dust.

Current Teaching

  • BA (Hons) Illustration

Research Interests

Mick’s research interests include the use of illustration in education, especially aiding the understanding of difficult concepts. He is also interesting in illustration and mental health and also the Abecerdarium - illustrated dictionaries.

Mick Marston, Senior Lecturer

Selected Outputs

  • Marston M (2916) The Beauties of The Common Tool.

  • Marston M (2017) Huddersfield University Prospectus, Poster and Animation Campaign.

  • Marston M (2016) Tailster Advertising Campaign illustrations.

  • Marston M (2016) Alicante.

  • Marston M (2016) Clapham Junction Station Advertising and Wayfinding Campaign for British Airways.

  • Marston M (2016) Logo Design for International Labour Process Conference.

  • Marston M (2016) 50 Things To Do.

  • Marston M (2015) Info Graphics for The Malala Fund.

  • Marston M (2016) A Beginner's Guide To Coding. Bloomsbury Publishing.

  • Marston M (In press) Just Do Good Shit.

  • Marston M (In press) The Shit Show.

  • Marston M (In press) Soho not Soso.

  • Marston M (In press) A View of Sheffield.

  • Marston M (In press) Animal Procession.

  • Marston M (In press) Catalyst Festival of Creativity.

  • Marston M (In press) Reframing The Myth.

  • Marston M (In press) Present!.