Professor Mark Rhodes, Head of Subject

Professor Mark Rhodes

Head of Subject

Professor Mark Rhodes is Head of Subject for the Economics, Analytics and International Business Subject Group.

Mark obtained his doctorate from The University of Manchester (UMIST) in 1995. Following this he was employed as a teaching and research fellow in the Department of Economics, University of Warwick. In 1998 he joined the Economics of Financial Regulation Unit at the UK Financial Services Authority. He returned to academia in 2002, joining the School of Management and Business at Aberystwyth University as a Lecturer in Economics and later the University of East London in 2008. Mark joined Hull University in 2011 as a Senior Lecturer, moving to Leeds Business School in 2017.

Research Interests

Mark’s main research interest is in the area of empirical financial economics. Recent work has examined the interdependence of spot and futures markets for coffee and spreads in equity markets . He is also interested in the determination of price and market structure in retail financial markets. A second research stream is the analysis of international investment decisions. This includes the location decisions of international retailers and the cross border transfer of corporate knowledge.

In addition to presenting research findings at national and international academic conferences Mark has also presented at trade and regulatory bodies including the Financial Services Authority, the International Coffee Organisation and Postcomm.

Professor Mark Rhodes, Head of Subject

Selected Outputs

  • Rhodes MJ; Buckley PJ; Cross L; Cross A; Voss H; Zheng P (2008) Explaining China's outward FDI: An institutional perspective. In: Sauvant K ed. The rise of transnational corporations from emerging markets: threat or opportunity?. Edward Elgar Publishing,

  • Rhodes MJ; Buckley P; Clegg L; Cross A; Voss H; Zheng P; Liu X (2007) An econometric investigation of Chinese outward direct investment. In: Multinational Enterprises and Emerging Challenges of the 21st century. Edward Elgar Publishing,

  • Rhodes MJ (2005) US Foreign Sales Corporations; Export Tax Credits and the WTO. In: The WTO and the Regulation of International Trade. Edward Elgar Publishing,