Jonathan Glazzard, Professor of Teacher Education
Transforming Mental health in education

The work we do ensures that mental health difficulties at school do not stand in the way of a young person's success in the future.

Transforming | mental health in schools

Positive action to improve mental health in schools

The number of children and young people suffering from mental health issues has surged in recent years, creating a challenge for our schools.

“The pressure now on children in schools has never been greater.” says Jonathan Glazzard, Professor of Teacher Education. “They face the relentless pressure of assessment, which causes stress and anxiety. Social media has also changed the face of bullying; a malicious post can have deep, devastating consequences for the young person on the receiving end.

“Some of our schools are leading the way by making it okay for people to talk about mental health. They are exploring how mental health affects the children, as well as parents and school staff. My view is that, unless we address these issues and promote a positive culture of wellbeing for children, young people and staff in schools, it will have a negative impact on educational attainment.

“We must pay attention to children’s holistic, not just academic, needs. We can prepare them better for living in a socially-inclusive society, where they will encounter difference and diversity and develop relationships with a wide range of people. The work we do at Leeds Beckett is helping to ensure that mental health difficulties do not stand in the way of success at school and beyond."

Transforming mental health in schools | Professor Jonathan Glazzard

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