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Workshops for 100 Black and Minority Ethnic (BAME) women to boost their participation in Civic Engagement

I was recently awarded project funding from the Home Office to work with BAME women in Bradford to find out how democracy works in the local area.



Research from Queensland University of Technology has identified that half of young people aged 18-24 are less productive and more tired because of their mobile phones.

Children in primary school

Forty-one years in Primary Education 1978-2019

Dr Chris Ford, Course Director for Undergraduate Primary Teacher Education, looks back on his experiences in primary teaching.


EU Promise

On March 28th and 29th (coinciding with days during which the BREXIT dilemma became even more acute) Dr Mhairi Beaton and Professor Rachel Lofthouse were in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia at a project meeting of the PROMISE project.

climate blog

Creative Possibilities: The Foundation of Story Makers

The recent Youth Strikes 4 Climate Change by children was one of the most hopeful collaborative political acts that I have witnessed.

The Rainbow Flag

LGBTQ+ Inclusion in Schools

600 children aged four to 11 were withdrawn from the city’s Parkfield Community School this month over the No Outsiders programme in a series of weekly demonstrations by parents.

A sports coach

What should a PE teacher look like

The stereotypical perception of ‘The PE Teacher’ suggests a physically fit, athletic, able-bodied, muscular, attractive, and perhaps, graceful person.

international blog

Potential benefits of peer mentoring for supporting international students in Higher Education

Leask (2009) suggests the globalization of higher education requires more efficient engagement and interaction with students in all universities. However, international students often experience a range of adjustment difficulties including isolation (Riche and Jacklin 2007; Sawir et al. 2007), language proficiency and limited support networks.

Bruno Mallet

Is Education Oppressive?

Student, Bruno Mallett written piece: Education, whilst being a motivational icon of inspiring change, knowledge and liberation amongst people and policy makers, it is the policy makers that arguably manipulate the divine concept of such moralist ideals to oppress.


Teacher mentoring; rising to the challenge of the Early Career Framework

New teachers are often working at points of tension. They can feel the need to adopt practices which seem relatively safe.

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