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Education is not a preparation for life, education is life! Adding lifeblood to education through CollectivED Fellowship

‘Education is not a preparation for life, education is life!’. This phrase jumped out at me from headteacher Rae Snape’s recent CollectivED Fellowship application.  In ten simple words it captures such wisdom, communicates optimism and also pulls us up short.  

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Moderate Demands become Revolutionary when Leaders Refuse to Listen

Charmaine Roche was the driving force behind a CollectivED symposium held on the 23rd June.  Charmaine is a PhD student at Carnegie School of Education and a member of the CollectivED Advisory Group.  

 Charmaine Roche

Building Teaching Capacity for LGBTQ+ Inclusion with Queer Ethnic Studies

LGBTQ+ students have led movements for more fairness, inclusion, and justice in schools. Student groups, individual student activists, as well as their adult allies often do the work of educating themselves, their peers, and the larger community. While the knowledge created by and for young people is especially powerful and effective, students come to school to learn and adults are meant to guide and support them. So, how can educators further step up to be allies and accomplices with movements for LGBTQ+ inclusion? 

 Mario Espinoza-Kulick
 Dr. Alex Espinoza-Kulick

Windrush Day

22nd June 2020 marked ‘Windrush Day’ a commemoration of the ‘Windrush generation’ – those who moved to the UK from the Caribbean, following a successful campaign led by Patrick Vernon which brought about the first commemorative event in 2018. The date was chosen to mark the date of the Empire Windrush ship bringing its first group of migrants to the UK from Jamaica to Tilbury Docks. 

 Lisa Thomas-Brown
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Bridging educational phases and sectors to strengthen practice; welcoming new CollectivED fellows

This blog post starts with a personal reflection and goes on to celebrate the work of six new CollectivED Fellows who work across a range of educational settings both in the UK and internationally. 

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Windrush 72nd Anniversary

On the 72nd anniversary of the Windrush migration and in the light of recent events, we would like to republish this piece from our first Story Makers Dialogues, issued in 2018.

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Story Makers Press Novel

This National Writing Day I’ll be doing a virtual ‘author’ visit to a local primary school where the children have been reading the first Story Makers Press (SMP) novel, The Nightmare Catcher.

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Still learning after all these years

Jan Linsley is about to retire from full-time work and in this blogpost she reflects on how she became a teacher and how belonging to the profession has opened up many doors and opportunities for making a difference throughout her career.  Jan attended Leeds Polytechnic, which later became Leeds Metropolitan University and then Leeds Beckett University. Jan and her contemporaries are thus part of a vital and proud tradition of Carnegie Educators.

 Jan Linsley
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Pre-service Induction problems to be addressed; show me the science…

CollectivED Fellow, Henry Sauntson tells us how to prepare pre-service teachers so they are able to understand the basics of learning science, and are able to apply that knowledge in their teaching.

 Henry Sauntson
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The trials and tribulations of 'Social Distancing'

Having lost my mother to terminal cancer in 2013 the hardest part of Covid-19 is the thought of now losing my 82 year-old father to the virus. The contemplation of what might be is so intense and the uncontrollable and sometimes erratic emotions as a result, should not be underestimated or misunderstood.

 Senior Lecturer in the School
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