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Story makers festival, children graduating in hats and gowns

Story Makers Festival: A critical response to the imagination gap felt by children

Collectively reimagining the ways in which we can live together and share this planet is more pressing than ever! 

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Should a one-size-fits-all OFSTED inspection system continue, or should local education authorities be more accountable to their local population for their schools?

The Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills (OFSTED) is a non-ministerial department of the UK government with a team of inspectors focussed on reporting to the Secretary of State on education ‘conditions’ across the country.

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Disability Hate Crime in West Yorkshire

Last week it was disappointing to hear on the radio that disability hate crime in West Yorkshire is higher than anywhere else in the country.

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Who cares? We care!

Carnegie School of Education are launching their unique pastoral service to students this week. The team of eight dedicated pastoral staff are available for students to talk to each day via face-to face meetings, on the telephone or email chat.

Leeds Beckett University School Updates
Children in primary school

Inclusive Relationships Education

In September 2020 schools will be required to implement the new statutory guidance on Relationships Education for primary schools and Relationships and Sex Education for secondary schools. This guidance was last updated in 2000 and the revisions in the 2020 guidance reflect the changes in society that have occurred since that time.

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Growing coaching through partnership

In October 2019 Leeds Beckett University launched a partnership with Growth Coaching International (GCI) which will see CollectivED, a research and practice centre in Carnegie School of Education build further on the collaboration that has developed between Professor Rachel Lofthouse and GCI. In this blog post Rachel Lofthouse talks to both Rose Blackman-Heganci (GCI) and Leeds Beckett colleague Rachel Bostwick about the new partnership.

collectivED values and purpose

Throwing down the gauntlet: the new CollectivED Advisory Board

In this short blog-post I am going to describe the emerging clarity of purpose that our research and practice centre CollectivED is generating, and also recognise the importance of our new Advisory Board.

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First Research Symposium at National Practitioners PE and Sport Conference

On Thursday 26th September colleagues from School of Education successfully delivered the first research symposium for the Youth Sport Trust’s (YST) Learning Academy.

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Mental Health in Schools for World Mental Health Day

It is nearly two years on from the publication of the Green Paper in 2017. With its bold title, Transforming Children and Young People’s Mental Health Provision, the paper set out the government’s strategy to correct the ‘historic injustice’ (p.2) of discrimination, poor treatment and stigma associated with mental health.

child giving another a child a piggy back ride on a running track

Walk to School Week

Our bodies are designed to move (Designed to Move, 2012), however, due to the rapid rise in industry and technology, young people in the UK are experiencing lifestyles that are more sedentary than ever.

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