6 Top Tips After A Top Night Out

Nightlife in Leeds pretty great (as we’re sure you’ll have already found out). The buzz will likely continue all the way home and most students’ journeys back go without incident. Even so, as the clocks go back and the evenings get dark, it’s a good idea to take on board our 6 top tips for keeping safe after a top night out.
  1. A taxi is always an option and even if you don’t have enough money for one, the university has an arrangement with Amber Cars so that you can hand the driver your student ID and then collect and pay for it from the Students’ Union at no extra charge. Put their number into your phone now: 0113 202 2117.

  2. If you are choosing to walk, walk in groups if at all possible. Travelling in groups is immediately safer and even if it means adding a few minutes onto your walk back to make sure everyone gets home safely, it’s always worth taking the time.

  3. Listening to music through your earphones will also make you more vulnerable. You should try to look confident when you walk by standing up straight and keeping a swift pace and make sure you’re giving the impression that you’re aware of your surroundings.

  4. Don’t leave valuables on show – expensive jewellery and accessories can make you a target. It’s also a good idea not to spend too long playing on your phone so only use it if it’s necessary.

  5. Some people like to call a friend when they’re walking alone. The advantage of this is they can call the police if they hear you in trouble. However, it can be also disadvantage as it takes some of your focus away from your surroundings. You should use your judgement and go with whatever feels most comforting to you.

  6. Another good practice is to nominate a friend that you can text once you’re home safe. If they’ve not heard anything then they can try to call you and check you’re ok. If you do arrange this, it’s important you remember to text them as soon as you arrive though! A more sophisticated way of doing this is to download the Companion app which allows you to nominate a friend that can track your progress and let them know easily if you’re not feeling safe. The Find a Friend iPhone app is another great tool, if you both have iPhones.

Keep safe while cycling

Make sure you wear a helmet, have working front and rear lights and high visibility clothing when riding at night – it could save your life! West Yorkshire Police recommend using a D-lock – visit to see if your lock has been approved. 

While you're out

Never leave a drink unattended, and keep watch over your own and your friends’ drinks. Never accept a drink from somebody you don’t know. For more information on spiking, visit the NHS advice on signs and symptoms. Always keep your belongings with you and make sure bags are securely fastened.

For more information on staying safe in Leeds, visit site the Knowledge, set up by our local police, universities, unions and councils to provide students with sensible advice on safety and crime prevention. If you do become a victim of crime, we’ve got support services on campus and in the community that can help you. Visit our Crime page for more information on victim support.

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09 Nov 2021
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