centre FOR social justice in sport AND SOCIETY

Sport should be for all, not a privileged few. We lead research that identifies the root causes of injustices in sport with the purpose of driving social change.

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The Research Centre for Social Justice in Sport and Society is the first of its kind in the UK. 

The Centre for Social Justice in Sport & Society

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As globalisation has radically influenced society, the diversity of our communities and the way we relate and work with each other has changed just as dramatically. Yet, particular social groups and individuals continue to face social injustices according to their identity or background. Sport is no exception; inequalities still shape who participates, who governs, who coaches, and who consumes it. But at the same time, sport has the potential to transform lives and communities. It is one of the most prized and popular institutions within societies across the globe. Addressing how we live, relate and connect to each other, and how we think and act has never been more timely. Sport is a critical tool to address this change.

We provide a focal point for sport-driven social change. We exist to put sport under the microscope to transform lives and communities, and challenge sport organisations to think and act differently towards issues of equity. We shift individual and collective thinking beyond just diversity and inclusion in sport. Through our research, we inspire thinking and action towards social justice: making lives and how we work fairer, and sports organisations perform better.


The Centre operates through four connected but distinct research themes covering; Children, Young People, and Families research; Disability Sport and Adapted Physical Activity research; Identities and (In)Equalities research; and Management and Governance research.

We examine all types of sporting, leisure, physical education, and physical activities. We address all levels of participation, from grassroots to high performance.

Our four themes are brought to life by a large and diverse group of active researchers who each have expertise within their own fields. We also cultivate growth of new research by supporting postgraduate students and early career researchers. Collectively as a team, we are connected by the motivation to create a fairer and equitable society through harnessing the power of sport.

We create impactful research using critical social theories, participatory methods, multi-disciplinary approaches, and asking meaningful and challenging research questions. Our research is innovative and high-quality and Importantly, our research is with and for, rather than on individuals, communities and organisations in sport. We work with partners to offer contextualised insights and solutions. This is so that any change is evidence-based and fit for purpose.


The Centre is built on a rich history of critical research in sport and social issues here in the Carnegie School of Sport. We have a long legacy of collaborative and transformative research that has improved individual experiences of sport, brought diverse communities closer together, and enabled organisations to rethink and reshape their policies and programmes. We are committed to research that has real-world impact. We champion value-based research. We are dedicated to leading work that transforms sport and other physical activities from spaces for some, to spaces for all.

We welcome new students, practitioners, policy makers, advocacy groups and charities, and fellow academics for research partnerships and collaborations. We offer insight and thought leadership, learning resources, guest talks and workshops, and research consultancies and projects.

Join with us to take an active stand against injustice and discrimination in sport and society.

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