Undecided about where to live at university? Here are just 10 reasons why most students choose to live halls in their first year.

1. It's easy to make friends

With everyone in the same boat as you you’ll find yourself at the hub of the student community, it’s much easier to make friends when you’re living in halls.

2. It's conveniently close to everything

With most halls right on campus or just a short walk away, you can literally roll out of bed and into class.

3, You won't have to worry about paying bills

All your bills are included so you can sleep soundly knowing exactly what is going out of your bank account.

4. You choose what kind of accommodation you want

Don’t want to share a bathroom? No Problem. There are loads of different accommodation options and you can choose what you want.

5. You will be safe and supported

Living in halls means there will be 24-hour security and you have access to support services at all times. We want to make sure you're safe and having the best time!

6. The perfect stepping stone to freedom

On your own and parent-free: it’s certainly fun but it can also be a challenge. Halls is the perfect environment to get used to the change with support and help on hand from our Residential Team.  

7. There is no such thing as boredom

There is always something happening in halls. Our programme of social events run by our Residential Team is the perfect way to meet new friends and you’ll find there’s always something going on in halls. 

8. You're always in the loop

Because you’re on campus with lots of other students you’ll get to know about all the events, games and parties going on. You’ll never miss out on those unmissable events!

9. Everything just works

With 24-hour maintenance on site our halls team are on hand ensure everything is working as it should.

10. You’ll make friends for life

Last but not least, the friends you'll meet in halls are likely to be the people you live with next year and, then, they become your friends for life! 

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By Accommodation Office
09 Nov 2021
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