Before you arrive

Getting ready for uni, packing up your things and saying goodbye to everyone is a lot to take in. To make sure your arrival at Leeds Beckett goes as smoothly as possible, have a look at all the things you'll need to know and do before arriving.

If you're really organised, there might be some things you have already done - but it's always best to check anyway!


Ensure you have registered and enrolled online

Create an account on our Online Welcome and upload a passport-style photo for your campus card (this saves time for when you arrive!)


Have your original ID documents ready and with you

It's important that you have a valid passport, birth or adoption certificate or EU identity card in order to complete your ID check during Welcome Week.

If you don't have these it could delay your enrollment.


Contact us if you have a disability

If you could let us know before you arrive of any disabilities that may affect your ability to study or physical access to University, then we can organise your support needs asap.


Money, money, money

Remember that being a student means you have to buy all the student essentials, including food! Your loan won't be paid into your account until 3-4 days after enrolment so bare this in mind and start budgeting early!


Find out about your Welcome Week timetable

It's the best time to get to know all about Leeds Beckett life so check out your timetable on your Online Welcome when you have enrolled.


If you are not sure about something or have any questions, please call our Welcome Hotline on 0113 812 1112 from 08:30 - 17:00 Monday to Friday or email for help.


If you've done all that, why not find out what to do when you arrive?!

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By Accommodation Office
09 Nov 2021
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