What To Expect On Varsity Day

Wear your colours and support Team Beckett in this year’s Varsity! If you're a regular, there are some things you expect to see and do. But, for any Varsity newbies out there, here's what you can look forward to…


Head to watch the other games before the big event? Attempt the Otley Run? Or go to the Varsity Festival! Anything goes to get in the spirit.


Dressing in daft outfits always feels right for a big occasion. Cue a load of people dressed as Hippies, Cowboys, Criminals and Pirates wandering around...


#WEARYOURCOLOURS. Stripe those colours across your face with pride! We're going into battle!


Alongside painted faces, it's all about seeing a sea of PURPLE in the stands. Get your Beckett hoodies on!


It won't be long until that competitive streak comes out and you begin joining in the chants (most of which are a little too explicit to share!)


As soon as the time comes to make your way to Carnegie, other members of Headingley have zero chance of getting anywhere. They'll be so many of you that the pavements will be filled to the brim


Do we need to remind you that we're undefeated in Varsity with 12 consecutive Varsity wins!


What's a celebration without a party? It's the biggest night Pryzm has all year as everyone descends to celebrate victory! (Including the heroic Rugby team and glam cheerleaders!)


Varsity is always a day to remember, take pictures, make friends and most importantly- cheer as loudly as you can for Team Beckett!

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By Accommodation Office
09 Nov 2021
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