5 Ways To Make Your Loan Last Longer

It’s that time of year where your loan is spreading a bit thin, you got a bit excited during fresher’s and now you’re feeling the consequences. Follow our top tips on how you can save the pennies and make your loan last longer…

Get a job

If you haven’t done so already, getting a job at uni is a must. Not only does it look good to future employers, but it also means that you can go shopping…

Student discounts

Every time you are about to pay for something its always worth asking the golden question “do you do student discount?”. If it’s for a meal, clothes or a new laptop… ask the question.

There are also a few apps that could save you some pennies.

Book your trains and coaches early

If you know you will be going home for Christmas, book now! Coach or long train journeys can be ridiculously cheap if you book in advance, and you are guaranteed a seat (you could even get away with traveling first class at no extra cost).

Supermarket Sweep

All supermarkets have 'value' ranges, which might not be as bad as you think. Cleaning products and toiletries in particular are usually significantly cheaper than named brands and will noticeably reduce your shopping bill.

Check your statement regularly and make a budget

This will help you track your spending and prevent you going overdrawn if you have an overdraft on your account. Careful budgeting may sound like a chore, but it will help you make sure your finances don’t get into a mess and add to the pressures of study. Draw up a spreadsheet of all your outgoings and any income you have, then set yourself a spending limit.


For more tips on making your loan last longer check out Budgeting Tools and Tips.

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09 Nov 2021
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