With the dark nights drawing in you may start to feel warier walking or traveling at night. But being uneasy doesn’t mean you need to stay home and miss the good times with your friends. It can be fun exploring Leeds in the dark months, but being prepared, planning your route, and knowing what to do in emergency will make things safer and happier this winter.

Across the University and in our Halls of Residence we have 24 Hour Security which should put your mind at ease, if you’re ever worried about something you have seen or that is happening, security staff are always on hand and happy to help.

For when you are out and about Mark Fox, our Universities Police Liaison Officer, has prepared some top tips for staying safe any time of year but particularly now it’s winter…

  • When travelling around try and plan a route that is well lit and has plenty of people around. You might have to walk a longer route but at least that will make up for all the mince pies and mulled wine you’ll be getting through during the winter months.

  • An even better option for travelling around is to try and do it in groups, or if you’re alone use public transport or get a taxi. Did you know that if you are ever stuck and don’t have any money you can call an Amber Cars taxi? Just show your student card to the driver and then pay at a later date.

  • If you are using public transport, try and sit near the driver or other people. If you are getting a taxi make sure it’s your taxi, sit behind the driver and make a note of the badge details.

  • You might have already had this one drilled into you by your parents but when you’re out watch your drinks! Take them to the toilet with you, leave them with a friend or if there’s any doubt then just abandon them. If you ever have a problem there should be help available - look out for SIA approved door staff, Ambassadors who patrol Leeds’s nightlife areas on Friday and Saturday nights as well as Street Angels.
  • Use the ‘find my friend’ app if lost in a bar / club. It uses GPS to help you track people down but make sure you have added your friends before the night out...

  • Be mindful using your phone when walking about, especially at night and with headphones in. The light of the phone, and the fact you won’t be able to hear anyone approaching you can make you a target.

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By Accommodation Office
09 Nov 2021
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