There's always that gift from a distant relative or family friend that ends up in the back of the wardrobe, probably wasted or rewrapped and sent on the next year.

The important thing to remember is to not throw them out!

While you might be too afraid to admit to your grandparents that you're never going to wear that personalised hand knitted sweater, or that you're a little too old for teddy bears, you could help find these items a new home. But how?

Donate them

Take your unwanted gifts (clothes, accessories, books, homeware, games etc.) to local charities and help to raise money for a good cause.


If you know who bought you the gift quite well, see if you can muster up the courage to ask for the receipt so you can exchange it for something you really want. Honesty's the best policy and at least they will know what not to get you next year…


Got any relatives you think might like it? A brother or sister who you can strike a bargain with? Why not offer your gift to them and see what they come up with in return? You might be doing them a favour too!

Sell them

Why not become an entrepreneur this Christmas and sell any unwanted gifts? Christmas can be an expensive time of year so why not try and make some money back by selling things on Ebay, Depop or Gumtree.

As the saying goes, 'one man's trash is another man's treasure'. So make use of all that Christmas-clutter now. Plus, it'll save yourself a job clearing it out next year!

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By Accommodation Office
09 Nov 2021
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