Valentine's On A Student Budget

To some it’s a fake holiday invented by card companies, to others it’s a day to show your beloved exactly what they mean to you. Whatever side you fall on, any excuse to celebrate the people you love in your life should be jumped on.

Here’s our suggestions that could help to make the day special, while still keeping it loan-friendly.

  1. Eat out for less. Many restaurants are offering voucher deals so check out sites like Unidays, Voucher Code, Wowcha and Groupon. Many deals aren’t valid on a Saturday, but luckily, for us Valentine’s Day falls on a Wednesday this year.
  2. Stay in (for even less). If the thought of eating out on Valentine's Day with a restaurant full of couples makes your cringe, then stay in. Why not show off your cooking skills and treat your other half with knockout meal, or head to M&S for their Valentine’s dine-in for two for £10 (including wine)!
  3. Don't overpay to say it with flowers. Flowers can be expensive from the specialists, why not try Morrison’s or M&S? Or get something different like a potted plant or a cactus, something that can be kept for years.
  4. Find something free to do. Nothing beats a romantic country walk; why not get the train over to Ilkley or Saltaire? Or if it’s raining you could always go for the cultural options and wander round the Royal Armouries Museum.
  5. Bag a budget break. Book a budget weekend break, whether it be in Edinburgh, Liverpool, Manchester or even a nice hotel in Leeds to get away from the housemates for the night. Go to where there are special Valentine's deals available.
  6. Buy them something they want. Instead of spending your money on flowers and chocolates that will be gone within a couple of weeks, why not get your love interest something you know they already want and will appreciate more if you get it as a gift.
  7. Put together a mix tape. Well, nowadays it’ll be more of a playlist, but the idea is the same: organise a list of songs that reminds you of them, takes them back to a special memory like a vacation, or is just plain romantic.
  8. Make a photo frame with pictures that they can swap out. Pinterest can provide lots of inspiration.
  9. Movie Night. Do you know you can loan DVDs from the library? Why not try making your own popcorn and watch a film.
  10. Don’t sweat it! If you absolutely cannot swing Valentine’s Day on a budget (or not) this year, don’t sweat it! There are 365 days in a year to celebrate.

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By Accommodation Office
09 Nov 2021
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