This is the 17th year that Student Volunteering Week is taking place and in 2017 students and staff from 60 Higher and Further Education Institutions led 298 events. Getting involved offers a great chance for you to develop your skills while forming key social action partnerships in local communities.

There are so many reasons for volunteering but here are 8 key reasons why you should volunteer this Student Volunteering Week…

1. Hello career booster - Did you know volunteering is an excellent way to boost your career prospects? It helps you create a positive impression, makes you more innovative, creative and gives you a range of useful skills. It’s not just us that believe this, recruiters do too!

2. Make a difference – Volunteering gives you the chance to vote every day about the kind of community and world you want to live in. It gives you the opportunity to be apart of something bigger than yourself and use your civic responsibility for the greater good. Without people who are willing to sacrifice their time and skills to meaningful causes, a lot more people and animals would be worse off.

3. Make real connections - Volunteering lets you meet people from all walks of life. It gives you the chance to form real relationships that can have a lasting impact on your life. You could meet your new best friend, future business partner or have a conversation that sparks a real change in your life.

4. Give back to a cause you believe in - Your reason for volunteering should begin where your passions lie. Let your love for animals, teaching or healthcare create positive change in the world. Allow your actions to be led from a place of passionate intention. That way all the hard work will be worth it, you will be more committed to the cause and as a result, your impact will be that much bigger.

5. Get the feel good factor - Yeah it sounds simple, but it’s true that the act of volunteering leaves you feeling better – about yourself and the world we live in. The act of making a positive impact, even in a small way, to someone else’s day is a great thing and will stay with you long after your volunteer project has ended.

6. It’s not about the money - The message that pay is not your biggest motivator comes out loud and clear to your future employer when perusing your resume. It also helps your future employer understand that you’ve tried to keep yourself motivated and involved in the work environment.

7. Quality and meaningful use of time - Most often there is leisure time at disposal and most people lose it on doing things that aren’t fully satisfying or meaningful and probably not even at times fully entertaining or pleasure filled. Volunteering just assures joy, fulfilment and a rewarding use of your time.

8. It’s fun - Of course, volunteering is not something to take lightly and needs to be treated with the utmost respect, but it is also fun! It’s a reason to meet new people, embrace cultural traditions and go on adventures.

If you haven’t volunteered this year or want to get more involved, now's your chance!

All of the opportunities are low commitment, some only requiring a few hours of your time, so you are sure to find something that works around your University timetable and other commitments.

Keep an eye out on the LBSU Website for the Student Volunteering Week opportunities and events, or email to register your interest in Student Volunteer Week - Email the team