Here are some handy ways of getting rid of everything you've been hoarding, and make moving out in the summer a little easier. After all preparation is key…

Glass bottles and jars

Did you know glass in your black and green household bins cannot be recycled?

From all those pasta and curry sauces! Stick them in bottle banks. If you don’t have a bottle bank at your halls of residence there are plenty dotted around the city, have a look.

Give it, don't bin it!

Anything lying around that can be reused that you don't want to take home, you can donate. Charity shops will happily take anything in good condition, just bag it up and drop it off.

Emmaus and the British Heart Foundation will both collect bulky items, such as sofas, free of charge.


The STAR Bike Project collects unwanted bikes from the community and recycles them with and for asylum seekers and refugees.

Meanwood Valley Urban Farm will also accept unwanted bikes if you can take them there yourself; young people from the Re-Connect programme repair them and they are sent to good causes abroad or sold at affordable prices on the farm itself.

And everything else?

There are two Household Waste recycling sites near to student accommodations, one very near Sugarwell Court on Meanwood Road, and one in Kirkstall.

These sites accept gardening waste, large cardboard items, metals, large and small appliances, paint, general non-recyclable waste and there are bottle banks, clothes banks and one to recycle your drinks cartons.

NOTE: If you use a car to take your waste to these sites, you will need a Leeds permit. If you have a Leeds address you can apply for one here and it will be posted out to you.


Recycling on campus is changing, with numerous improvements being implemented based on the suggestions of our staff and students. See how Leeds Beckett is making recycling easier here.